Int Plate and Shockadins

note: I posted this in the general forum as well, since I figured more people there would care about the int plate issue, but I want opinions from paladins as well. Also, hopefully this can be a slight change of pace from all the ret threads in this part of the forums.


Alright. So we all know what's wrong with int plate; holy paladins are the only spec / class that can use it. We have zero competition on healing plate. For the most part, this seems unfair to other classes that have several specs to compete with for their gear.

I see the idea of putting Unholy Death Knights and / or Ret Paladins on int plate come up a lot. While that COULD work, provided Blizzard put in a passive that would make their current gear not completely useless when they did the switch, it is more of an inconvenience to those specs than it needs to be.

I also saw someone post the idea of putting us down to int mail, making us compete with elemental and resto shamans. That seems alright too, but we're paladins, we shouldn't be forced down to mail when the rest of our specs use plate.

I propose that we add a fourth spec to paladins. I see plenty of people on these forums talking about shockadins, why not just make it a viable ranged dps option? You can't really make the arugement against giving a class a 4th spec anymore, druids have a healing spec, melee dps spec, ranged dps spec, and tank spec. I realize making a spec from scratch is not a small feat, and even with druids feral was basically split already between tank and dps, but if paladins were given a shockadin [probably not named that, but, whatever] spec that used int plate, we holy paladins would be in the same boat as caster shamans; 2 specs on the gear. While some classes still have more competition, that evens it out some, as well as providing a spec that a fair amount of people have been attempting to use already, regardless of how ineffective it is.

Spirit would count for hit like it does for many hybrids. This makes it so Blizzard doesn't need to inflate loot tables with int / hit plate gear. Give shockadins the old version of exorcism [cast time, no CD, possibly with the proc that makes it instant], keep spells like judgement, make harsh words baseline and buff its damage as a shockadin, possibly give them holy shock, but remove the healing quality either completely or at least 50% [like the glyph] while buffing the damage. Make eternal flame act as a DoT rather than a HoT if used on an enemy [assuming it works with the baseline harsh words]. A new finisher or two would need to be created for this to be viable, but I see no issue with that. Holy got Denounce. That didn't exist before.

Other than people complaining that giving us 4 specs would be unfair to other classes, is this a bad idea? Why?

For those that don't think so, any ideas on what could be added to the shockadin spec? How could it be made to be less like a more powerful version of a holy paladin with less healing?

note: I realize that the idea of shockadins is not new, and I'm sure people have suggested similar things before, but I want to hear people opinions on it.

edit: some form of consecration could also be a part of this spec, so long as we could at least use the glyph making it targetable from 30 or 40 yards.


off topic: How the heck do I post as my paladin? I switched it but when I reply it still posts as my silly gnome.
i like this idea shockadins were heaps of fun, plays more into blizzard idea of bringing player not the class as well so its a win win situation

i can see the rotation now
I wouldnt mind this idea, i never tried out being a shockadin back when they were viable and id love to give it a shot. Certain other classes are also asking for a 4th spec. Locks want dark apothesis to be turned into a true tank spec for instance. The problem is that if this happens alot of other classes will be crying out for a 4th spec as well.
Don't see nothing wrong, just don't see a necessity for it (besides the whole gear thing). But to be honest, don't think blizz fixes this unfairness by making our int plate gear less likely to drop? I gotta say, I have had just as much a hard time getting int plate as I did getting caster gear for my mage or priest.

Truth be told I think the drop rates fix most of this issue, but I don't know the exact drop rates and IF blizz actually does adjust int plate gear because we have no competition. But I digress.

I'm not against a 4th spec, it would be cool. The only issue is there would need to be some form of debuff so shockadins can't heal as well as a holy paladin, or some redesign to their resource (some kind of holy energy?) in which case it would just seem weird since every other pally just uses mana.
I did not seriously play last expansion and only slightly in wrath. I loved this guy in the burning crusade...made friends with him and leveled holy. I would love to come back to my paladin but shockadin was my favorite spec.

I played with a shockadin on Darrowmere by the name of Glitz. Guy was amazing. We would duel often to help me get better. Cant say I ever beat him, came close but he was the real deal.

Ret never did much for me, but doing damage as just simply appealing. I did make a version of shockadin in wrath, more of a prot holy hybrid and it worked ok, but never as fun as shockadin in TBC.

Bring it back blizz...even if its just a goof around spec, not meant for serious arena or raiding. It was crazy fun in BG's as a shockadin...I need to stop thinkiing of the old days, no rose colored glasses here...there were simply more options for builds and fun.

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