<Business Attire> 10m 7/16h LF Ranged

Business Attire is a late night heroic raiding guild on Mal’Ganis (US). Our raid times are 11:30pm – 2:30am Thursday, Sunday, Monday. We sometimes add an extra hour earlier on Sundays. Our goal is simple: kill heroic bosses and have fun doing it. We strive to be competitive with a very light (9/10 hour) raid week.

We are currently recruiting all classes with hopes of going to a 25 man during 5.2 and to push progression much further! Feel free to apply at any time at our website: www.businessattireguild.com
What better to do on a friday night then troll the WoW forums!
Looking for any applicants really.
Want to bolster this 10 man roster then eventually build up to a 25.
Need more Applicants Exceptional Range DPS for our 10mHM Core and any Exceptional apps to aim for a rebuilt 25m HM Guild.
What that guy said ^
25 man raiding > 10 man. Let's challenge exodus! lol
Still recruiting competent ranged.
^ come one come all
Ranged ranged go away, come again another day.
Insomniacs we want you!
Good morning world!
Good evening world!
Shuriken Toss Subtlety is a viable spec.
Did you know?
The Daily Show is on 4 days a week?
That doesn't seem right.
Sunday Sunday Sunday
Still recruiting competent ranged.
Heroic will sparks are hard to not get hit by apparently.

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