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538 days across all toons. That is since 2005 though... still a lot of time invested
2 d4mn L0ng
When you consider how much you have paid vs the hours played. This game is an good value for your video game dollars.
01/19/2013 07:46 PMPosted by Kurt
I havn't check in a while but, I assume it's over 9,000 days for certain.

its not 9000 days because if you calculate that its about 25 years lol so not 9000 days
Don't remind me...I have no life :(
how do you check?
Way too many. I think it's close to 500 days just on this character (60 something at level 110). I seriously need to find a new hobby! :)
327 days on the hunter
42 on the pally
20 on the warrior
28 on the mage
42 on the priest
32 on the rogue
39 on the druid
29 on the lock
7 on the shammy
1 on the demon hunter
1 on the monk
18 on the warrior (banker)

Think that comes out to 586 total.

Started on the first day of release. Took about a 18 month break at one point. Single player, never shared.
129 days on my main since Jan 2005.
Works out to about an average of 30 minutes per day.

No worse than watching TV for wasting time, and it is better than TV, since TV doesn't give you lootz!
Necro on necro on necro... Better off making your own thread to avoid this.
14,060 hours
585 Days

I pretty much stopped playing mid 2017 though
Mine was around 180 days on my main the last time I checked.
I dont feellike logging in all my characters and adding it up ... but its definitely over 200 days maybe even over 300 since for sure 1 of my characters have almost 200 alone
On this character: 321.95 days

On all my characters: 719.68 days
Dunno if anyone can beat asmongolds hes over 1000 days /played across all toons lol!! Forgot how much for his warrior..

ANYWAY mine is like 124 across all toons >.>
I really should not want to know. but it has to be in the 700-900 day area. I used to play 5+ hours a day. I then went to 8+ hours for a few months. now only 3 hours a day. but I skip some days.
734 days across all 13 toons, highest is this toon at 182 days.
949 days 1 hour 46 mins on this toon alone as of 11/11/2018 for me
man, ive deleted some high level toons so.. not sure.
um, too much. lol
I don’t even get a number anymore. Just the sentence “You have no life” pops up now.


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