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I recently found an old friend that came back to WoW. They like playing I rolled a toon on ally side to play with them....But I have a ton of gold mats and what not on my hordies....having said that

Wouldnt it be nice if you could buy a boa pet...mount...bag wallet...for lets say 5 bux

Pack mount, will boa .... you can load it up with your hordie items and send it to your ally toon...

BOA purse or satchel....and 8 slot purse to put a few items and gold in it

Wallet....for jp vp and cp boa of course

then lets say a foreign bank account that you could open between toons.....

all 5 bux each real world money from the blizz store
oh and if at all possible

a boa closet for all your boa gear so you can easily grab it from toon to toon without having to find it and mail it when you roll a new one.....

Id pay 5 bux for that as well.... for a new total of 25 blizz peeps would make serious bank because I know for a fact that I am not the only one addicted rolling new toons that would like to share gear and mats
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