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Oceanic Guild Recruitment
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Hello all. We are a late night 10 man semi hardcore raid guild on US-Proudmoore.

Our raid days and times are:

Friday- 10pm-2am PST
Saturday- 10pm-2am PST
(Sat/Sun 5-9pm AEDST)

We only raid 8 hours a week so our time is valuable. We are looking for skilled raiders to help us hit 5.2 hard. We expect you to know what you are doing and to not stand in the bad things.

We are currently recruiting:

Holy Paladin or Disc Priest

Would like a min of 490 item level but will consider someone with vast raiding experience.

Our goal is to get a solid 11 man roster so that we can raid every week no matter what.

Talisin#1441 is my battletag.

Our guild site is http://pmwow.enjin.com/

Thank you!
Hey can I hv ur tag so I can add u to ask some question? Mine is anythinglei#1236
Not a problem. It's talisin#1441 I believe.

If you make a lvl one toon on Proudmoore I can chat on the remote deal on my phone if you whisper me.

I'm at work right now so I can't actually be online in the game sadly.
We need solid raiders! Hit us up you late night weekend players!
I would be interested. I don't have a place for my s priest atm and I can make those raid times. Let me know if you are still looking and I can provide some logs. Currently raiding on Cenarion Circle and am looking for a bit more progression minded group.
Head to our guild site recidivus.net and fill out the app. I polished it up a little bit last night. Once you do that we can go from there!
Looking for more!
Looking for more!
We need us some solid raiders!
Where are all you skilled late night raiders at?!

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