25% healing

I know the dps isn't that great but will Paladins be like they were in vanilla again? I didn't mind not being able to dish huge damage but I did how the survivability was decent with ret heals back in the day. Will it be this way with 5.2? I hated my ret pally so much in cata.
Ret paladins scale dps with gear, meaning the better gear you have, the more damage dealing. The 25% heal buff in PvP in 5.2 is one of the buffs rets are getting. Our passive buff "Sword of the Light" Is getting a 70% healing buff to the flash of light - basically a 70% heal buff to Flash of light, but not WoG. Blizzard wants us to be rewarded alot more for casting off this heal as its a mana drain. They did however nerf Selfless - ( Cant get a 100% instant cast - only 60% faster) But buffed our Internal flam HoT by 100% which is really nice. I have been playing Ret in the 5.2 PTR and our damage is pretty good and (im not sure about this) seems like we scale with haste alot better in the next patch which is awesome improvement to our sustained DPS. Rets are looking really nice for the next patch as it seems all other classes are getting their overpowerd abilities removed and buffing rets. I have good hopes for 5.2 ret paladins.
Retrolution, is it just me or Sword of Light changes still haven't hit PTR? I still see FoL healing for the same amount as in live.
as long as hunters get ther OP nerfed its all good i can deal with the flash of light nerf..even though it sucks but lay of hand and word of glorry do make up for it
and retro is right as long as you got the right kind of gear you can deal a good amount of dps

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