Error #122

Mac Technical Support
Getting Error #122 error while trying to login.
Any ideas?
its maintanence
Interesting, I looked a few mins ago and the realms showed green, but I guess that was just a tease.
yea it says my relm is up but still cant log in till 11 pst
This error only occurs when realms are still in maintenance. Let us know if the issue persist, but for the most part, should not occur anymore.
Is every Thursday maintenance day?
Tuesday is supposed to be maintenance but apparently Blizzard had some pressing bugs to work out. :)
And I just realize you're from Scilla..I have a low level horde there. :)
I helped!!!
I helped!!!

\o/ yay!

In other news D3 , Wow and SC2 servers are all off line for maintenance.

I'm off for my bi-weekly gym visit then I'm going to come home and stare at my washing in the hope it will spontaneously combust :P
de la merde les mise a jour pas capable de faire des server backup en double sa prendrais 2 minute a changer.
hm, well its 11:15 here and the server is still offline. cant login but MG is up (mt realm)
necro thread
servidor on???
system still down?
*sad face* Well, at least its not like pre-Lich launch ... you were lucky if you ever got on during tuesday maintenance.

I wonder what kind of maintenance gets done.
still off?
Dentarg is still down on the east coast
yep its still off folks its 1 pm est time so somethings probably getting worked on or they cant get rid of a certain blood elf death knight from the taco stand its one of the two

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