Epic Galleon battle

Just gotta say, kudos to horde and alliance on the amazing nearly hour long Galleon formup and battle yesterday. The big brute bastard spawned just past 2EST, I believe? I donno. But he spawned right there, and I started forming up.

Two minutes later a hordie flew by. I texted my raiders, I started sending PM's to Crescendo peeps, UC peeps, and several others. Yelled at Dolt *good man!* to get people from SW while I watched horde. He helped out alot. Then my friend logs on hordeside. You bastage! *laughs* I send him a tell...DONT YOU DARE!...he's like 'huh?' im like..ill SO kill you!!......he's all 'OHAI!!!!'

So I know what's going to happen. Horde will overrun us. I /rw 90 Seconds to pull. Prep~. And of course, it starts getting chaotic. Horde are forming FAST. And my horde buddy..who is a tank..is standing right next to me. Naturally I freak and scream HEAL ME!!! and rush in 1min early. JUST IN TIME!

Engage. Clarion call begins in my tellbox. OMGINVITE ME x 40. I scream for someone to form a 2nd raid in /1. Naturally, I run a feeder to them so they get the tag. 2 minutes go by, Galleon's at 70. Then the horror happens.

Some idiot tab targeted a hordie who was flagged. Mass murder ensues. Seriously? /sigh. idiots!

10 minutes later, galleon despawns at like what, 20?

Mass rez! Buff! DONT FLAG! Everyone's up! YAY! SPAWN! My group didnt get it. The 2nd raid group did. I take my feeder back so we get the tag, we all pop heroism, but the PVP effect still breaks us at about 50. By 43%, we're all wiped, all...78 of us. Chain running. For the next twenty minutes, Galleon nomnoms everyone who spawns and whacks him once, twice, NOM! And my horde friend is standing there, ready to snake him as soon as we fully wipe. 30%, I've died five times. I think about it, and I Storm Bolt Galleon, then go sit at the edge of his dirt mat and sit there, just holding the tag.

Six deaths. 35%
Seven deaths. 28%
Eight deaths. 18%
Nine deaths. 9%
Ten deaths. 3%

I spawn, I'm one of TWO people alive. I shield wall, last stand, shield block, berserker rage and barrier, and I attack him. He then starts whomping me and all 3 of my procs prock. I am a rock solid mountain for ten seconds. Block absorb block block parry 200k. Life spirit~~~. 1%~!....three people pop and shock him. BAM! DEAD GALLEON

Horde friend says grats. Walks off like it doesn't matter. Because Horde ALWAYS get him. Alliance are freaking the hell out.

End: Horde - 40ish.
Alliance: 97 players, 3 raids.

That's what it takes to grab Galleon as alliance. /facepalm. WTB raid spot hordeside.
Aste killed so many alliance peoples :P

i like the pvp at galleon better than the 1 in a billion chance at some gear i probably don't need xD
I hope you got some nice big fat repair bills. :P
Alliance rules again.

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