Ret right now

Idk maybe I suck but Im pretty sure I don't, my healing sucks If I get stuck finishing off a war I dont win due to second wind just healing through everything and I cant heal myself for crap. Ret was better in Cata...
I've found ret/spriest and ret/war to be the best combos so far.

But then again what class isn't good paired with one of those?

Ret is looking a little better for 5.2. I'm optimistic.

p.s. I've fought the op in 2s and 3s.

He's bad. :p
I stopped gearing my ret about a month ago, don't know why I didn't just go holy to begin with... Was forced into holy spec during cata, should have stuck with it ^.^
I agree we are weak when it comes to rbgs and 3s, but its easy enough to do 2s in low rating

We are all about burst and hard switches, so pair up with another bursty class (warrior, spriest, etc) and its easy wins

Hell, I've even gone 20-6 with a resto sham getting 2s conq cap these past 2 weeks, and thats entirely from pally burst

If you want to push into competitive PvP, then either you need to be one of the best retadins out there, or you need to reroll, but for 2s? rets roll over ppl, just pop all cds and go balls deep w/ bubble up, and they are down to 20% easy solo
got 10-0 with a ret when we capped, he had pretty good gear but he put out more pressure than a war i played with that had equal gear the following week.
Wouldnt be so bad if we were not the go to kill target every time. Even if my team wins a match i am always dead by the end since we are soooooo easily trained down.

Hopefully the 5.2 self heal buff will fix this somewhat..... we shall see.
Realistically, he's not saying rets are unplayable.. I'm sure you could kill somebody in 2s
But what he's saying is there is really no point in being ret anymore when there's other classes that can do what we do but 5x better.

Why I quit my paladin.

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