(H) Easily Amused is recruiting.

Easily Amused is a late night raiding guild searching for dedicated raid members to fill our ranks. A dedicated raid member in Easily Amused's eyes is a player who consistently shows up for raids on time (or before), has a respectable and kind attitude, and comes prepared to raid, knowing fights, gemmed, enchanted, etc. We are currently welcoming all specs and classes, however a minimum ilevel of 375 is needed to join. Send Kibasama or moves, notmoves, chainz, bulwark in-game mail or a tell for more information! Hope to see you online.

Raid Times: (East Coast Server Times)
Tuesday: 11:45pm - 3am
Thursday: 11:45pm - 3am
Sunday: (Continuation if needed) 11:45pm - 3am

(Times are subject to change)

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