Ret & Prot paladin ideas v2.

I just don't like Ret Paladins Full stop they aren't an individual class say like all 4 specs of druids, locks, even warriors have some difference however Ret pallies is the same as holy paladins except removing heals and adding in attacking spells in its place about 6-10 or so.

So here are some ideas for Ret Paladins instead of being emergency hand slappers and pillow hitters.

An passive where Ret can shred some armor and magical resistance similar to Kayle in League of Legends she is an perfect example of a Ret Paladin.

One idea is remove mana all together since every single spell of a Paladin has a COOLDOWN except for flash of heal and instead add a holy increasing bar like locks, every spell you cast increases when you hit with spells.

Flash of heal can change to like a 15 second cooldown with an burst of speed.

Exorcism can increase the damage of the paladin inflicted on them for a very short duration say like 3-4 seconds maybe even decrease their speed (LOL ripped off everything so it should be fine !!!).

Add a spell called Angel of Vengeance where you transform into an Angel consuming holy power for your moves.

With the hands remove some of them and add boosting hands Hands of Prot can stay maybe, Hand of Freedom may, remove blood and santcuary and add a Hand of Blasting which inflicit damage according to shredding debuff with a long cooldown and Hand of Judgement which could double shredding debuff for a short duration both of these can share a cooldown or something.

Protection Paladin still annoyed they don't have a stance dance button and what with removing auras on PROTECTION PALADINS? They suppose to Protect, get rid of Hand Slapping and put back Auras not as powerful as before just Auras adds crit avoidance, Stam buff and Threat (similar to presence and so forth) like others but add a spell similar to crit druids, like Devotion silght increase in armor, Concertration slight incr to avoid interrupting, Magicial Resist slight increase again and probably one more like a slight incr to hp regen. They shouldn't replace seals but have their own button so they can switch.

With Stance Dancing like every single tank in wow paladins don't have it why? When they pull RF off they should turn off like other classes and have a couple attacking spells.

Divine Smash -> crusader strike, Holy Ground Smash -> Conscetration.

Divine Smash hits with both weapons for 120% extra holy damage, adds one holy power only if RF is off.
Holy Ground Smash hits the ground inflicts a dot on all in a radius instead of static ground
only if RF is off.

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