<Revitalize> Seeking Weekend Raiders

Area 52
Revitalize is a level 25 semi-hardcore raiding guild looking for members for weekend raiding.

Our group is currently 9/12 Normal Throne of Thunder.

Our team consists of:

1 Blood Death Knight
1 Brewmaster Monk
1 Holy Paladin
1 Restoration Shaman
1 Fire Mage
1 Affliction Warlock
1 Beast Mastery Hunter
1 Fury/Arms Warrior
1 Restoration Druid

Raid times and dates:

Saturdays/Sundays from 9pm server to 12am server.

We are seeking:

1 Shadow Priest

We prefer raiders with an ilvl of 500+ but all exceptional players are welcome to apply.

If there are any questions or are interested in joining, please feel free to contact Junzah in game (Battletag Zilent#1127) or contact a Revitalize Officer. You can also apply directly on our website: a52-revitalize.guildlaunch.com
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Still in need of a Resto druid with a good dps OS.
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Bump for druid.
bump for tonight's run.
Bump for hunter or enhance shaman.
Now seeking a DPS Warrior or DPS Death Knight.
Now in need of a Restoration Druid with Balance off-spec in addition to the Warrior or Death Knight DPS.
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In need of a Shadow Priest now.
Bump for shadow priest.
Run is tonight and still in need of a Shadow Priest.
C'mon Shadow Priest!
bump for missing SP
Still looking for that Shadow Priest
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