prot paladins lack of taunts

warriors get a aoe taunt and if speced a taunt with no cooldown, and dks have death grip and another taunt, and pallys only have one single targeted taunt does anyone else think we should get another taunt or at least have it where its not on a cooldown
Homie, we got consecration. Huge threat generator. And, you can place it wherever you want (in range)
Hand of Salvation is now "taunt-like", in that it removes all the target's threat for 10 seconds. That should automatically put all mobs on the next person on the threat list (most likely you). Just concentrate threat attacks and 10 seconds should be more than enough for you pull threat off somebody. If not, taunt will probably be off cooldown by then.

Also, you get 2 Salvs with Clemency, so woot.
I'm pretty sure Mocking Banner is just a fixate, not a taunt, but regardless, it's on a three minute cooldown. It's not really comparable to a real taunt.

Paladins have excellent ranged threat compared to the other tanks. Probably the only one even similar is monks. Mocking Banner and Death Grip help compensate for warriors' and DKs' melee-range limitations.
Is this really a problem? :\
If you need to taunt that much, you're doing something wrong.
Throwing shields at people not enough for ya?
01/20/2013 05:28 PMPosted by Aggronn
Homie, we got consecration. Huge threat generator. And, you can place it wherever you want (in range)

Cons's aoe threat is garbage... (on a pull vs any other classes) which is why it's being changed in the next patch.

Also, taunt spamming tanks are bad, I hate tanks that use taunt every 8 seconds regardless if they have agro or not
I don't see the problem with threat lack to require a taunt. Honestly, you have righteous fury, judgement to catch up to the mob, spam avenger's shield and hammer of the righteous. That, and cons's aoe is pretty helpful.

Agreeing with Barfus, hating the taunt spammers.
Avenging shield.
Holy wrath.
Hammer of righteousness.
Light's Hammer.

These are all AOE threat generators. Well except AS its a three target.
I was a paladin once, and young.

How many of you remember when shield spike was the hizzy for aoe threat?

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