Open Libram LXV: A Fury Divine

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01/22/2013 08:50 AMPosted by Aglaea
Dat starcraft trailer

They have a new trailer?
UGHHH!! My body... it wasn't ready.... Two more months!!!
That is indeed an awesome trailer. Much like Wings of Liberty, I'm probably going to buy it with no intention of ever playing on the ladder.
Was going to be the first Blizzard game I dont buy the CE for...but HNGGGG...
I haven't bought a CE for anything, come to think of it. Diablo 3 was the toughest decision on that front, but I inevitably end up realizing that I don't care about the peripheral items much. And I don't really have the space for game boxes. Not really a collector, I guess. Maybe if there was an all-digital package or something...
I had the money to buy CE WoL but cheaped out. In the words of Gob, "I've made a huge mistake". Diablo 3 CE was soldout asap.
I've bought all of two CEs - Oblivion and HellGate: London. Lost my septim years ago and still pissed about it. One of these days I may try and E-Bay a replacement. >_<
Hellgate: London? My sympathies Grog.
01/22/2013 12:57 AMPosted by Cadenbrie
priority is always interrupting your own explosion.

I was under the impression that the Monstrosities explosion did more damage?

While exploding your other abilities are locked out, you can't interrupt the big add while you are exploding.
Hey, that had a lot of potential and was really enjoyable, I just don't think they handled multiplayer well; still an amazing single player game.
It was fairly repetitive, more so than even Diablo.

Once you saw one busted up london street, you've seen em all

And it was so buggy x.x

But yea other than that wasnt too bad.

The only good FPSARPG is Borderlands.
Well, to be fair, in a decimated metropolis invaded by trans-dimensional demons who know nothing of human aesthetics, you can't really expect them to leave the architecture to resemble anything but burning slag. :p

Though it was buggy as hell, even after launch.
Yes, yes it was, crashed my old computer all the time.
So, what are the chances some Libramite has both Tales of the Abyss for PS2 and a 60GB phat PS3?
01/21/2013 09:53 PMPosted by Astaeri
Though I'm doing a max all the skills thing again. Whole bunch of fully enchanted archery armor, and I'm running around hitting things with a base-level sword to level one-handed and block. >.>

It's really annoying being a jack-of-all-trades in that game due to required perks. (+x% one-handed damage and stuff like that.)

The perk system is done a lot better in the Fallout games then in Skyrim, in my opinion.

It's not that bad simply due to the poor intent, implementation, or flat out bugged nature of about 3/4 of the skills. Want to be a 2H user? You only need five perks for that. None of the others in the tree work, work as they say, or are obviously not useful. Chance to crit? Crit base, unmodified weapon damage, not your weapon damage. Bleed? Same thing! Ignore armor? No non-humanoids have any armor value, and humanoids wearing armor only use base-level armor so you're ignoring next to nothing. Or you can get your values high enough to be good without even going into their respective trees, or can flat out max a skill with zero investment in a tree just for the levels. What I'm working on now has done that for the entire caster group, with about 15 points in total put into it.. most of which are in enchanting, or are specifically to augment enchanting in ways that are likely not supposed to work that way. Augment lightning in destruction, for example, raises various enchanting effects.

Very, very few trees have anything useful past the first couple tiers.

01/21/2013 10:22 PMPosted by Cadenbrie
or seeing who can eat more spiders in 60 seconds!



Spiders are adorable and eat annoying things.

No they are not!
Looks like Beta signups are active for Elder Scrolls Online.

Might be interesting.
Stupid rag won't drop the judgement leggings...
Looks like Beta signups are active for Elder Scrolls Online.

Might be interesting.

Been working on an app for that all morning...Mostly just been slacking on it, though.
Took me about three minutes. :P
01/22/2013 07:28 AMPosted by Grôgnárd
While it may do more damage to the boss, it also damages the raid, which is the bigger issue.

What I was referring too was the big Amber Monstrosity mini boss thing, he does an explosion that can be interrupted by the strike from the guys you're driving.

After looking it up it also does more damage to the raid then your own explosion, but not by much.

01/22/2013 11:28 AMPosted by Cayse
No they are not!

Are too!

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