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Aerie Peak
Hi this is a long shot but it is worth a try. I'm trying to contact Ana - Guild: High Council on alliance side. My account was hacked last year when I was deployed and the hacker changed my name (Ana) to some crazy name (ljlkjk938) so I was forced to rename it as I couldn't log in for 90+ days. I'm trying to reach the new Ana to negotiate getting my name back :)
Wait, i might actually know who you are. Name one of your other characters on Aerie Peak, if you have one
wtb Bob

willing to pay whatever price
Blackbible, Graybible, Tankgirl
01/23/2013 11:22 PMPosted by Sadof
Blackbible, Graybible, Tankgirl


Tankgirl and I had some. CLOSE. PERSONAL. EXPERIENCES. on OUR JOURNEY. through the level 80-85 content.

but I can't help you with getting that name back. Its probably just some random player's alt. A super casual at that, because they probably dont read the forums either, and they definitely dont log in frequently.
Also really shooting yourself in the foot there playing a Horde Warrior on Aerie Peak. Thats like the worst of both worlds there man. Stick with the Alli pally.

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