Looking for good social guild Alliance

Hi all, just started playing again after a year and a half off. Im looking for a good social guild to join. Preferably one that runs things together as well as being chaty. :)
Hey Buddy, have a chat to one of the guys in Zealotry. Tell em war sent you
I just joined Wolf Pack they seem friendly enough
Hi Feezle,

You may want to consider joining [Alliance: Aman'Thul] <ThreatImpact> we have tanks and healer to queue for ur dailies (random heroic dungeon, random heroic scenario etc...). It will be an honor to have your presence in our guild...

Tentatively raid schedule will be as follow:

Wednesday: 1930hrs - 2100hrs (MoP content)
Saturday: 1930 - 2100hrs (Old school raid content)
Sunday: 1930 - 2100hrs (Mixture of MoP + Old school content)

See ya in-game my friend...

Best Wishes,
Ocalite (Btag: Jeuron#6643)

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