as a new wow player, i must say...

wow, paladins are the most fun class in any game of any other game that i've ever played (from asheron's call 1, to rift, and most things in between).

for some reason i never played wow until recently.. so just wanted to say loving paladin!
Once you got pally you don't go back...
Nothing like bubbling and laughing at the dps trying to kill you with no effect
Yay love!
No matter how many times I try to play another class, I always come back to my paladin.
I've never mained anything but my Pally. Currently, I have three 90s (Pally, Warr, DK), an 87 (Druid), two 85s (Monk, Shaman), a 77 (Mage), and a 43 (lolRogue). I enjoy my alts; I enjoy taking the time to learn them and level and, until now, gear them for current 5-man content. Now, though, they really are little more than a pixellated slave army, trapped under the yoke and whip of my Pally to further his high-end needs.

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