Error #114 WoW Wont start :(

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Not what I meant Tia :)

I meant Youtube instructions on how to change it for a Mac
Not what I meant Tia :)

I meant Youtube instructions on how to change it for a Mac

ASCII and you shall receive:

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My son is having this isp issue also. He's been on the phone with Blizzard several times and all Blizzard tells him is that it's his isp problem. That's funny. He can log into Starcraft with NO problem but can't log into WoW. Seems to me that if it is and isp issue then it should affect Starcraft as well as WoW. He's tried everything to fix it. He's unistalled and reinstalled the game, made sure everything is up todate and has spoken with his internet provider. They say that it's a problem on Blizzard's end. This is insane. Someone knows what the problem is and is not owning up to it. I think Blizzard needs to fix this problem asap.
Everything ?

Please post a traceroute to

If the forums aren't melting down in a puddle of goo from threads about it then it's not a widespread issue.
K heres what I remember, and please bear in mid this happened to me ages ago so I can not remember exactly why I made this change.

I had been inactive for a while came back and had some sort of issue logging in. I found a solution which said to add this line into the hosts file in a windows system folder:

After I made this change I was able to log in. I mostly forgot about the change to be honest. Then just today I kept getting error 114. Upon searching for solutions one said to check the hosts file for changes, I did that and remembered I had actually changed a file in the recent months.

With a bit of fumbling due to messages like you cant save that file here etc etc, I have finally managed to remove the line I added at the beginning of the year.

After that I was able to log on normaly. So the moral of the story is I guess to make sure you don't have in your hosts file. I guess it conflicts with a fix that bliz must of made from the original error.

I can't remember the specific location of the hosts file but I found the path to it in blizzard support site. Some knowledgeable person in the forums might be to find it and post it.

Anyways I hope that info helps people who have been inactive for a while and are still encountering error 114.

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