<Angelus Mortis> (H) looking for more!

Angelus Mortis is a small group new to the server. We are looking to build a raid team. We are currently 6/6 MSV and 2/6 HoF, having had a late start to MoP raiding. We will be raiding Tues and Thurs nights from 8-11 EST and depending on the group, may add a third night!

Right now we are looking for a DPS, either a monk or a rogue.

Feel free to message myself, Periapt or Braids from the guild for more information.

Can't wait to hear from you!
Hey hey, my wife and I are looking for a guild and Angelus Mortis seems like it may be a good fit. We are behind as we are both re-rolling from Alliance from a different server. This priest will be my main, I should ding 90 this evening, but she is farther behind leveling a Monk. She is interested in tanking with her monk and I would be interested either in playing Shadow or Holy for raids.

We realize that by the time we get enough gear that you may have raid spots filled and we are ok with that and will wait for spots to open up if that does happen. We will try to watch out for you in game!
Bump it for that special tank snowflake and a dps!!
Recruitment update:

Currently looking for a non-plate tank ideally, but a non-dk tank will be considered as well. Also looking for a Hybrid dps with a raid-ready healing off-spec (monk or priest ideally).

Thank you for your consideration!
Bumping for a refresh
Bumping to get to the leather dps out there :)

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