* Kind of upset I cant transmog the GM Gear *

By GM I mean the Grand Marshall gear (Mace and Shield). I can buy it yet I cant use it to transmog :( I really really really wanted these for my look but I guess not :(

Anyone know of a 1h Mace and shield which arent oo hard to get that have to same alliance feel?

cant you go to Netherstorm and buy replicas of the gm gear for transmog?
Think you still need GM achieve to transmog :( or at least knight Captain :( i have it on my mage I think lol
Yeah it's kinda lame but it does give us, who got atleast knight captain in vanilla something unique tho.

I don't know of any easy to get mace with the look but a good 1 is the mace from brd, but it's a very small drop chance tho. As for a shield the quest in duskwood has 1 that looks like the sw guard's shield, unless they removed that quest from the game.
Id recommend downloading mogit if you want to browse for a certain look. Its a really great addon for building outfits and gives you information of what boss drops the gear, if its a random drop, or if its from a quest (and rather or not you have already completed the quest.)

As for the mace and shield though, there aren't any that are similar to those. They are pretty unique. However there are several options for gear that will probably match the look you're going for.

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