Selling [Dragon Kite] Any Server!

Well, I boxed up my Dragon Kite, and I'm looking to sell it!

My asking price is 300k gold! This is 250k gold plus a 50k gold premium for selling off my main realm (transferring the gold over is gonna be a hassle).

Any buyers on any realm are welcome. If you're interested in this, feel free to contact me either in this thread or in game on Maelstrom.
I can offer you 2x hippogryph hatchlings + 1x bananas, all max level if prefered or lvl 1s if prefered battletag Sweetdr0ps#1199
Nah. Not really looking to trade for more pets here. :<
Or... come to Mal'Ganis AH and buy yours for 35-75k. Bought mine for 33k on Mal'Ganis. I don't know how other servers are but 300k is a pretty good April Fools.

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