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I am looking to keep this thread relatively small in the number of people (3-5) posting to keep things moving along at a decent pace. If you wish to have more than one character, that is fine. I will ask that you post at least once a day.

General role-playing rules apply; see the sticky at the top if you want a refresher or are not familiar with them.

Multiple main characters are acceptable; I plan on having two, however due to the nature of the plot, Alliance only, please. Also, feel free to have side plots for your character—they make things more interesting. I also do not have issue if you want to develop NPCs.

I will be using the OOC thread to post scene changes to give you a heads up when things will be moving on. Once we have the characters posted, I will put up the IC thread.

Nutshell synopsis – more in depth story to follow:

Baerythan, a powerful druid is killed by a satyr that corrupts him using fel magic. His tainted body was burned in a purification ceremony to prevent it from tainting the ground and the ashes placed in an urn that was kept hidden in a night elven shrine turned library in Winterspring.

The satyr that killed Baerythan was imprisoned in Mount Hyjal. He was able to slip free of his bonds when the Twilight Cult ran over the area and track the ashes down. He attacked and murdered most of the night elves there and stole the ashes.

It is learned that the satyr intends to use the corruption in Vordrassil to reverse the purification performed on the body. The ashes would then be used to spread corruption in untainted lands (ultimately, the satyr is looking at Nordrassil). Using the ashes in this fashion is just the satyr’s way of desecrating the druid whom he hated so much.

The night elves pull together a group to follow the satyr’s trail to kill him and recover the ashes before they can be corrupted and spread.

Edit for an oversight: Darnassus will not be putting out a broadcast for this, rather because time is of the essence, will target a few select people while filling in the rest of the group with willing people who are in the city at the time. That is not to say that your character needs to be a night elf, just in Darnassus at the start of the thread.
I do want brief character sheets for the main characters, so we know who is who. History should include why they are joining the expedition (just needing the job is fine). Also please state what role your character would play – tracking, fighting, healing, provisions/hunting. More than one person can fill a role and someone may have more than one role (such as tracking and hunting).

One spot is reserved. I will be using one of my characters as group leader unless someone can convince me they have a better option.




Role within the Group:



Basic History:

Current Accepted Characters:

- Balanad Whitethistle (Evara)
- Feliathae Silvermist (Evara)
- Raevien Starcaller (Raevine)
- Haerolin Starcaller (Raevine)
- Lanura Shadewing (Silvestris)
- Sammuroth Stormfury (Sammuroth)
- Allaynna (Allay) Kidrain (Allayanna)
- Ashel "Ash" Gregory (Malakae)
- Yanyun Serpentstrike (Yanyun)
- Ralof Glanten (Ralof)
Ok so what I am understanding is if we want we can introduce, a side plot for our characters that runs alongside the main plot. So for example say I wanted to put in an enemy for my character, that would be fine, of course this is all assuming you would accept my sign-up, just want to make sure before I put one up:3
I would love this, Auxi. The once a day bit -may- slip a little, but shouldn't be an issue, too badly, if that's alright with you.

Also... Alliance, I presume? Or Horde too?
Reserving myself a spot.
((Seeing as Kal isn't allowed I will replace my sheet with a bunny.))

Name: Raevien Starcaller

Race/Class: Kaldorei druid

Role within the Group: Healer and tracker

Description: Deep blue hair braided in a Kaldorei knotted tail falls down her back. Her silver blue eyes are intense and at times almost feral. Her shape is toned and lithe, her graceful walk is nearly silent. Long sharp fingernails adorn her hands, they elongate and curve when she is in cat or bear form. The ritualistic markings on her face denote her devotion to Elune, and her status as a powerful healer.

Armor/Weapons: Her armor is a simple feathered tunic and snug leather pants and boots. The intricate feathered design is not simply for show. It enables her to take the shape of a raven and fly above in a scouts position if necessary. A simple short staff with a deep blue sapphire embedded in the gnarled roots at one end. Her main weapons if she is cornered are her teeth and claws.

Basic History: Well over one thousand years ago, Raevien did the unthinkable. She was a priest of some standing in the Temple of Elune. Her mate was a druid, Haerolin. He was accosted by a Satyr and brutally mauled to the point of barely surviving. Rescued by Sentinels, he was brought back to the Temple in tatters. Raevien was incensed with anger and vowed revenge. Although she nursed him back to health, his scars kept him from returning to a full life. She begged him to teach her the ways of druidism.

This was against all the teachings currently and he was reluctant. But times were getting very dangerous and he finally relented and taught her all he knew. She could not practice openly for a very long time. Eventually her secret was revealed, and even with the standing her mate held in the Temple, they were criticized. Raevien scoffed at the priests and vowed to become a druid openly and in spite of their disapproval, she became one of their best healers.

(if accepted, I would like to bring in Haerolin as well, will post a separate sheet for him if you wish. He is scarred and not as good as he used to be, but I have in mind a side plot involving the Satyr. I would not detract from your current storyline, I really like it.))
01/25/2013 11:40 AMPosted by Kaltokk
You imply that Horde can come even though it's not preferable to you

01/25/2013 10:50 AMPosted by Evara
due to the nature of the plot, Alliance only, please.

I don't think that that is "implying" Horde can come. But I'm not TM so if Evara changes their mind it's their thread.
01/25/2013 11:44 AMPosted by Silvestris
You imply that Horde can come even though it's not preferable to you

due to the nature of the plot, Alliance only, please.

I don't think that that is "implying" Horde can come. But I'm not TM so if Evara changes their mind it's their thread.

Oh, I misread that then.
@Sam - bringing in a personal enemy would be fine so go right ahead. I have seen your sign ups and honestly have no idea why I would turn you down.

@Allay -your schedule is worse than mine, so if you need to skip days that is fine. Yes, Alliance only. There is no way night elves are going to let horde anywhere those ashes.

@Mal - spot reserved

@Kaltokk - interesting looking character, but it is Alliance only (I am merely being polite when I say 'please')

01/25/2013 10:50 AMPosted by Evara
due to the nature of the plot, Alliance only, please
I just feel that with the intimate nature of this RP (by that I mean allowing only 3-5 players) adding faction tensions might distract too much from the main plot. Even a neutral druid would cause consternation because troll druids only made themselves known a year or so ago. That is way too short a time for even Cenarion Circle members to be all "oh he's cool."

If I recall correctly, in the book The Shattering, it took many days or weeks of negotiations by Hamuul Runetotem to even get an audience with a group of night elf druid leaders. And those night elves were killed in a treacherous ambush. So they are not likely to allow a troll druid to help.

EDIT: Evara beat me to it. :v
Name: Yanyun Serpentstrike

Race/Class: Pandaren Warrior

Role within the Group: Fighter.

Description: Yanyun is a young, muscled Pandaren of average height and fat, he is covered by black and white fur and his short hair is tied behind his head in a small knot, his beard is somewhat decent, and on on the skin covering his left eye is a scar left by a claw.

Armor/Weapons: Yanyun wears a suit of dark yellow plate armor made out of Ghost armor. (( He also has a white sword with leather bindings on the handle in a surprisingly human design. ((Destiny)) He will also use his fists as his back-up weapons.

Basic History: Yanyun is the son of a farming couple on the Wandering Isle but wanted to become a Warrior like most of the people in his father's side, at the age of 12 his Uncle agreed to teach him on the condition that Yanyun trains with the Monks for a year, Yanyun was confused but agreed anyway.

During that year he learnt the basics of fighting, chi, discipline, and philosophy, his Uncle then taught Yanyun the ways of the Warrior for seven years alongside another Pandaren named Jinto. During those years Yanyun has helped to defend the people on the island from the dangers it holds.

When the Alliance and Horde came to the Wandering Isle Yanyun was faced with a tough decision about who to join as he was neither Tushui or Houjin, instead taking wisdom from both philosophies but joined the Alliance in the end because he agreed with their sense of justice and honor, however Jinto believed that the Horde had the courage and will to heal the world and decided to join them, this caused them to have a heated argument with it ending in them going their separate ways, Yanyun hopes he doesn't see Jinto again until the war ends.

Why he wants to join: He was exploring Kalimdor and was in Moonglade when he heard about what had happened and offered to help them.
Name: Ralof Glanten

Race/Class: Human/Warrior

Role within the Group: Hunter/Provisions (Can also be a Fighter but wanted to also provide things for the group)

Description: Ralof is fairly young he appears to be in his late twenties but he has trained his entire life as such he is very lean and fit, training for endurance mainly. He is of average height with a short crop of trimmed black hair and a thin clipped beard. He is built large and has big hands, big wrists.

He is a very patient and observant man, choosing words over action unless absolutely necessary. When in battle however, he is a fierce and determined combatant very loyal to his allies willing to do whatever he has to to protect them.
Armor/Weapons: Ralof wears a suit of dark gray-brown plate armor in battle given to him by the Kalu'ak of Northrend for his service to them. The armor is engraved with their highest symbols of honor which are said to bring glory to the wearer in battle. He carries a massive battleaxe which has seen many wars and passed through many hands found in the frozen wastes which he tends to daily to keep it sharp.

Basic History: Ralof was born in the small town of Menethil Harbor in the wetlands north of Loch Modan. His mother passed on during childbirth and his father, an ironworker, did his best to raise the boy but his father, a man from Lordaeron, still sought revenge against the Forsaken. He abandoned the boy to the Dwarves of the marshes and left on a fruitless quest to reclaim his homeland.

Ralof grew up among the Dwarves, their stoic and hardy nature making quite an impression on him as he grew in years. He worked as a shophand for the local blacksmith for many years and enjoyed this work. The owner was a veteran of the Stormwind Army and he slowly began to teach Ralof what he knew of the Warrior's path, helping the boy craft a sword and basic suit of armor. In time Ralof grew more confident of his abilities, branching out into the wilds he took to hunting the local crocolisks and the Dwarves came to respect him for his hunting and especially for his tracking abilities.

After a string of murders plagued the harbor for weeks, local authorities were at their wits end, suspecting a Forsaken to be involved. The blacksmith encouraged Ralof to go after the murderer and so Ralof set out across the wetlands, tracking the assassin for miles through the marshes nearly into the Arathi Highlands. They met on a frigid winter night at the crest of a western mountaintop overlooking the marshes. The man was a Forsaken Rogue out in the wetlands for no particular purpose other than to kill and loot from the Dwarves. Ralof engaged the assassin and they fought a bloody battle with the assassin gravely wounding the young Warrior. As the Forsaken prepared to deal the killing blow, he began to speak of other murders he'd perpetrated, he spoke of the slaughtering of whole towns along the wetlands, enraging Ralof who took up his hand-crafted sword and in one swift strike silenced the assassin.

After he returned to the Harbor with the body of the Forsaken the people of the town thanked him greatly for his help and the blacksmith was very proud of the young boy, offering him a promotion within his shop but Ralof refused. He felt within himself a higher calling and he told the blacksmith he sought to join the Stormwind Guard and fight for the Alliance. He knew that his place in this great world was small and he may not make much of an impact, but he knew in his heart that he would die for the Alliance and that he wanted to put an end to the tyranny of the Forsaken.

He left the harbor that day, seeing the proud look on the blacksmith's face gave him great confidence about his path and so he set out on his way to Stormwind, hoping he would be able to do good work within the guard. During his travels out of the wetlands and into the Elwynn Forest, he met many kind and friendly souls and learned that he could forge a new path on his own in this strange world.

A few weeks later, while seeking work in Stormwind he was told of a Night Elf who was looking for able-bodied men and women for a quest and Ralof was eager to offer his services as a tracker and hunter and so he sought the man out.
Name: Lanura Shadewing

Race/Class: Night Elf Sentinel (Archer)

Role within the Group: Tracking/Fighting/Hunting/Provisions

Description: She stand a respectable 7' even, with steely blue skin and waist-length deep blue hair. Her hair is often tangled with twigs and leaves. To other races, her face appears lovely - it is symmetrical with large silver eyes, a well-proportioned nose, and a small mouth. But compared to other women of her race she is fairly plain. Like all night elf warriors, she is athletic. Her arms are well-muscled from using her bows, and she prides herself on her ability to pass unseen and unheard through the forests of her homeland.

Armor/Weapons: She carries a powerful wooden bow, decorated with a motif of bird's wings. She also wears a quivers of blue-fletched arrows. She wears little in the way of armor, trusting her camouflage abilities and speed to protect her from most harm. She does wear a small top made of a silvery-colored leather, decorated and secured around her torso with a bit of silver filigree. She wears a very short pair of shorts made from the same material as her top, and small leather shoes. She has few decorations, mostly in the shape of a couple silver arm-bands, one of which is decorated with harpy feathers. She carries a small bundle of possessions, including a dark feather-trimmed cloak for bad or cold weather.

Basic History: Joining the sentinels was never a choice for Lanura, not that it would have mattered. She embraced theirs teachings wholly, just as her mother and her mother's mother had. She lived through many onslaughts on her people, and witnessed the deaths of many friends throughout the years. To one who has lived so long, it seems both a blur and sharply etched into her memory.

Perhaps because she has lost so many near and dear to her, or perhaps her survival has made her feel invincible, or even because she wants to protect others of her race, she now volunteers for the most dangerous missions. When she heard of this mad satyr, who has already killed many of her people, she deemed it her duty to help kill it and make certain it would do no harm again.

She speaks little Common. Though while she can usually understand the gist of what a person is saying, she just as often has to rely on a translation from a Kaldorei that is better versed in that language.

((Sorry the backstory is very vague, this is a new character I plan to flesh out during the RP.))
Name: Feliathae Silvermist

Race/Class: Night Elf Hunter

Role within the Group: Tracker/hunting (food)

Description: Feliathae stands around 6’7” and has an average weight. Her purple hair is long but is often pulled back in a ponytail. Often there are lines of small braids scattered throughout her hair anchored by stylized moons. She does bear facial marks in a jagged stylistic line drawn over each eye trailing down to her cheeks. Her skin is a pale violet color and her eyes bright silver. She has a delicate tattoo of vines, leaves, and flowers that winds its way from her hip, across her back, to curve around her chest, although this is only visible when she isn't clothed. She usually has a smile tugging at her lips and carries herself with a small spring in her step.

Armor/Weapons: She carries a wooden longbow and a two handed axe. She wears leather armor, dark brown in color and has a long pale gray cloak she uses to blend into the snowy background of Winterspring. She does own guns and crossbows, but prefers the use of a compound bow because it doesn't make as much noise as a gun and isn't complicated to reload.

Basic History: Feliathae was born in Forest Song and grew up playing amongst the ancient trees of Ashenvale. She has a younger sister, Alasseya, who entered the priesthood, but with her natural affinity for animals and expert skills at tracking and wilderness survival, Feliathae took the path of the hunter.

Both she and her sister, ensconced the in way of life of Ashenvale, grew into vibrant young women. Shortly before the Third War, Alasseya, unhappy with the quiet little corner that Forest Song had become, began looking for something more exciting. Her sister eventually became a consort to a warrior, Balanad, using underhanded means, much to the dismay of many of the other females in the area who were vying for his attention. The two sisters quarreled over the unorthodox tactics and parted ways after.

Fighting the demons of the Burning Legion had proved taxing on the huntress who came to Teldrassil seeking solace after that horrible war. Darnassus, where her sister still lived, proved to be more stressful and while Feliathae spent most of her time in Dolanaar. Matters were not helped when Alasseya did not answer the call to war in Mount Hyjal while Feliathae and Balanad did, two having fought alongside each other on more than one occasion.

Upon her return from Hyjal, living in Dolanaar proved to be in too close of a proximity to her sister and the tenuous relationship her sister now had with Balanad, and when word came to her that help was needed in Winterspring at an out of the way shrine where the ashes were kept, she packed her bags and left. She is one of the few survivors of the attack and is tasked to help track down the stolen ashes.
Name: Balanad Whitethistle

Race/Class: Night Elf Warrior

Role within the Group: Expedition Leader/Fighter

Description: Balanad stands 7’5” with a muscular build. His pale teal colored hair is worn shoulder length and is often pulled back from his face. He has silver eyes and his skin is a reddish purple color.

Armor/Weapons: Dark plate armor that is etched with stormcrows. The left pauldron has black ribbon crisscrossing over it with stormcrow feathers tucked under the lacing. He carries a pair of matching single hand swords, one tied with a red ribbon, the other tied with a yellow one.

Basic History: One of two brothers, he grew up near Astranaar playing in the forests of Ashenvale. Not gifted in the ways of nature or magic, he opted to take up training as a warrior. As one of the few men who were not druids, he found himself extremely popular while most of the male population slept. Eventually, he and his brother took to staying on their own.

He came to Forest Song not long before the third war, as his brother opted to go to Mount Hyjal Like everywhere he went, the women were drawn to him and one in particular, Alasseya, went to great lengths to garner his attention. While he was not as interested in Alasseya as he was several others, her tactics proved to be merciless and she drove away the others. He acquiesced out of guilt and the two began a tenuous and rocky relationship. The pair moved to Darnassus at her urging, as she and her sister, Feliathae, had become estranged.

He did not answer the call to war in the Outlands simply because Alasseya did not want him to leave but his brother did. His brother died during that war and Balanad feels that if he had gone with his brother, he would still be alive. When war was declared in Northrend, he went with the Alliance to fight and when Mount Hyjal was threatened, he left again, angering Alasseya—although by now their relationship was pretty much in tatters. His experience in Northrend served him well in Hyjal, and he found himself first in charge of a scouting group, then working to coordinate larger groups.

Driven away from her and Darnassus, he agreed to lead the expedition (pulling from his efforts in Hyjal) to retrieve the ashes from the satyr.
Give me a short while to scroll through the posted character sheets, but at this point, with Sam, Allay, and Mal looking to post sheets, I think we are full.
Name: Shaule Talonblade

Race/Class: Kal'dorei Druid

Role: Food/ Tracking

Description: She stands at approximately 6'9" and a weight of about 160 lb. She has long purple hair that she lets fall freely. Her facial tatoos show twin blades around her silver eyes. Her skin is the trademark violet of most kal'dorei.

Armour/Weapons: She carries an intricate staff carved with nature runes, a language known only to beings most attuned to the Emerald Dream. Her armour is drake leather dyed violet, a reminisence of the trees in her homeland.

Basic history: Living in a small village near the base of Mt. Hyjal in her youth she lived there with her family. One day when she and another group of people were hunting, a small regiment of felguard attacked the town. When the group returned, all they found was a smouldering ruin. All she found among the wreck of her house was a half-melted moon pendant that had belonged to her mother.

For many years she lived in solitude in the forests of Ashenvale, though when the Dark Portal was reopened she traveled through to confront the betrayer of her people, Illidan Stormrage.

After the battle at the Black Temple, she returned to her hut in the woods, where she planned to live the rest of her life in peace. Everything seemed to be going to plan for a few years, until she heard of a rogue satyr planning to spread corruption. Knowing she could not sit idley by, she set out to confront the beast.
I'm not sure if you have too many people or not already but just in case...

Name:Maraph Dencune

Race/Class: Druid/Worgen

Role within the Group:Doing damage to the enemy mostly. He isnt an expert in healing but can manage small wounds like cuts and minor bone breaks. His ace attack is a giant hurricane that decimates everything around him for at least a mile in diameter, but this is a last ditch magic attack, as it leaves him too exhausted to move for quite awhile.

Description: Human- He has long blonde hair that goes down to his neck and curls slightly at the end. He wears a pair of half moon glasses that are enchanted to allow him to see in the thermal spectrum at the ccost of some of his mana. He's about 5"7 and is lean but not scrawny. Maraph also has the appearance of a seventeen year old when in reality he is twenty. Being bitten at seventeen his outward appearance was locked at that age while he continued to age internally, albeit at a slower rate. He has a tattoo on his right cheek of the Cenarion Circle insignia that goes over his eyelid so that the only way its complete is if the eye is closed. Worgen- As a worgen he is seven foot eight, has pitch black fur and blood-red eyes. As to why he grows so much during the transformation he doesnt know. Despite his menacing appearance as a worgen he has a fatal weakness, wome. He isnt a perv, he just cant talk straight around one and ends up stuttering and getting really nervous. He believes this has to do with him being stuck as a psuedo-teen for the rest of his life.

Armor/Weapons: His only weapons are his magic, claws and fangs but he usually only uses his magic, transforming into his worgen form, or any of his other animal forms, only if he has to. He wears a black trench coat that goes down to his ankles and all times, a pair of leather boots with metal buckle on them and simple leather armor for the rest.

Basic History: Maraph was a farm boy back in Gilneas but he was soon bitten after the worgen invasion and eventually came to his senses in the stockade, one of the fragmanted memories that he had from his time as being a feral being him slaughtering his family of his father, mother and little sister. He wears a ruby necklace that looks like a blackwald tree that was given to him by his sister before the worgen attack. He has now vowed to help and save anyone, no matter the race, in rememberace of his family and to atone for his sins.
Here we go - first off, I am not trying to play favorites, but as I scroll through characters I want to make certain that what is presented is something that would fit well into the overall story arc and see this thing through to the end.

Secondly - we do have three reserves on characters so at this point, I will not be considering anyone else unless someone backs out.

Reserves: Allayanna, Malakae, Sammuroth

@Raevien - interesting back story about breaking the segregation of cultural rules, but workable. You should consider why she felt that she needed to be a druid over a priest, though. Accepted and if you want to bring in Haerolin that is fine.

@Yanyun - the character is sketch is a little too minimal. I have no issue with using the forums to flush out characters, but this one is so bare bones that I have a difficult time see how he would fit into the storyline. Admittedly, the perspective that a pandarian could bring to the group might be valuable, but with what you have given me, I cannot see him in the big picture. So sorry, but I can't accept the character.

@Ralof - I have the same issue with your character as I do with Yanyun. Again, this sketch is far too vague and unfinished to see how it would fit into the larger picture. So, sorry, I can't accept the character

@Silvestris - Accepted. I like the character idea and don't feel bad about the back story, there is enough information there that I can get a feel for how the character will fit in. I will be using this thread to flush out two of my own characters.

@Shaule - At the moment we are full with three previous reserves. If one of them backs out, I will take another look at your character.

@Marph - Same deal as Shaule. If we have someone back out, I'll take another look at your character.

On another note: working this stuff out in vent is a whole lot easier than on the forums, whew!

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