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@Yanyun - the character is sketch is a little too minimal. I have no issue with using the forums to flush out characters, but this one is so bare bones that I have a difficult time see how he would fit into the storyline. Admittedly, the perspective that a pandarian could bring to the group might be valuable, but with what you have given me, I cannot see him in the big picture. So sorry, but I can't accept the character.

I understand, I haven't played Yan much for RP. What parts in my sheet do you think I could have done better?
Name:Sammuroth Stormfury

Race/Class:Kaldorei Druid (feral)

Role within the Group:fighter, tracker, hunter, strategist

Description:Cursed to be stuck in his feline form, Sammuroth stands at 3' 6" on all fours. He has white fur, and amber eyes, he has lean feline muscles that allow him to leap fair distances.

Armor/Weapons:He wears four magical anklets that increase the strength, and duration of his Barkskin spell.

Basic History: Born 100 years before the War of the Ancients, into a Highborne family of mages. Disliking the arcane he took up the sword, when Azshara unleashed the Burning Legion onto Azeroth, his family was ordered to help keep the portal stable. Not wanting his family to fall deeper into corruption than they already had, he killed them before fleeing Zin'Azshari. He did however try and save his older sister Moriana, but she did what he couldn't and took her own life. During the war he fought against a demon called Uk'thok, seeing the same anger and hatred in the young warrior that gave him his power, the demon placed a curse on Sammuroth, depositing his soul along with the curse.

After the war and the exile of the Highborne Sam took up the druidic arts, which was where his curse made itself apparent. When he finally accomplished the feline animal transformation, the curse caused him to remain in that form, being activated by the natural feral rage, that came with the transformation. After the Third War and the fall of the World Tree, Sammuroth has spent his time helping those in need of both factions, being a member of the Cenarion Circle, he is tolerated in most Horde settlements. He has also been searchiing for a way to remove his curse.

He has joined the expedition to prevent a fellow druid's remains being used as a source for corruption.

(hope the reason is good enough)

This is the enemy I am introducing for Sam at some point in the story, just gonna use the sign up:)

Name: Illisadel Shadowfury (changed his last name)

Race/Class: Kaldorei Sorceror (basically he has practically mastered every form of magic)

Role within group: None

Description: Illisadel stands at 6'4" though a student of magic, he has kept his body lean, and muscular he can fight hand to hand on equal footing with a seasoned warrior. His eyes are of two colors, one is black from delving too deeply into necromantic magics, the other burns fel green from using demonic magics. His hair is the color of silver, and runs all the way down his back, he tends to keep it in a ponytail.

Armor/Weapons: He wears robes as black as night, it is infused with dark magics, that allow him to control large groups of undead. He wears cloth shoes, and carries a magical staff, with a demonic crystal set at the top, this allows him to control demons. When fighting hand to hand he wields a katana, infused with arcane magics, it can send out his magical energy from it's blade.

Basic History: Sammuroth's blood brother, who he thought he had killed, after his brother's betrayal he continued aiding the Burning Legion along with the other Highborne. He was barely able to escape the fall of Zin'Azshari taking the body of his sister, which he had preserved perfectly, with him. Fleeing Kalimdor when the Highborne were exiled, he joined the mages of Dalaran, and studied dark magics like Kel'Thuzad had, only he was not caught. After the coming of the Scourge he fled Dalaran, and went into hiding to continue practicing his dark magics. He has almost discovered a way to bring his sister back, only needing a powerful conduit to channel his magic through. He is after the remains in hopes they will be a powerful enough conduit for his spell.

I know he seems OP, but I will not make him that way in this thread, I made him this way because he is Sam's main villain/rival, and I plan to make a thread around that at a later date. I also know the history is lacking this is mainly a placeholder, just wanted to give you an idea of the villain I am bringing in for Sam:P
@Sam - accepted, Sam may be someone they reach out to since he has demonstrated his willingness to go on dangerous missions in the past. I am not too worried about the villain sounding too OP, I am interested in seeing how the two of them interact

01/25/2013 01:58 PMPosted by Yanyun
I understand, I haven't played Yan much for RP. What parts in my sheet do you think I could have done better?

Give me a a little while and I will go through the sheet and offer some places for elaboration. One thing I will suggest is to take a look at the sheets put up by Silvestris and Sammuroth and see how they have flushed out character background.
Alright, here is my two cents’ worth on the character.

Name: Yanyun Serpentstrike

Description: Yanyun is a young, muscled Pandaren of average height and fat, he is covered by black and white fur and his short hair is tied behind his head in a small knot, his beard is somewhat decent, and on on the skin covering his left eye is a scar left by a claw.

The physical description is good for what I was looking for; small details like the claw mark over his eye help provide uniqueness to the character. It is something that is easily visualized when picturing the character.

Armor/Weapons: Yanyun wears a suit of dark yellow plate armor made out of Ghost armor. (( He also has a white sword with leather bindings on the handle in a surprisingly human design. (( Destiny))

While the armor/weapons still work for the purposes of the RP (this wasn’t why I turned the character down), you could flush it out a little more, bit by bit as you think about the character. On Balanad, I have gone from plain black and blue armor to etchings on the armor and decorations on the pauldrons. Eventually, I will work out a few more details that make what he is wearing unique to him. While providing links to what the armor looks like helps, has he done anything to personalize it?

Basic History: Yanyun is a young Warrior from the Wandering Isle that recently joined the Alliance, he heard about a Night Elf recruiting for a dangerous journey to stop an ancient evil and decided to join.

Here is where I had my issue. His history is lacking in even basic detail and the character flat. He sounds as if he rolled off the island and went to the Alliance with nothing happening in between. No mention of family or personal motivations. This makes it hard to see how he will react to certain situations or fit into the dynamics of the group.

There is no mention of why he chose the path that he did or other pieces that could be used in the RP to draw out and spur the character forward. Was he always a warrior or was he something else before? For example, I have a blood elf monk who was once a magister and gave it all up for a simpler life (the motivation behind that is far more complex than what I will go into here). The hunter I am using for this always was a hunter since it was something that she excelled at, but her motivations for leaving her home and venturing out into the world to make a difference stem from her estrangement from her sister, which is the only family she has left, and not because she is necessarily altruistic.

My best suggestion is to start with the bones and slowly build up, thinking about where the character started and where he is now. How did he get to that point? Was there anything that happened before the journey or along the way that affects his outlook? He does not have to have a tragic history, he could have led a happy life and is merely out seeking his fortunes. He could have served as a guard to a wealthy person on the Wandering Isle and with the coming of the Alliance, opted to seek his fortunes abroad.
Alright, I put in the large version of his background and even improved it a bit, I'm always a little unsure about how big to make "basic histories", I'm also not very good at describing weapons and armor.
I love you. I'll get my sheet up shortly.
I would like to apologize for the vague history and overall low quality of my original post. I have since edited it to include much more of Ralof's history and his purpose for joining the quest. I have to say after looking over these other character sheets I'm very very impressed with the quality and would very much still like to join if I may. You guys inspired me to flesh out my character much more than I had thought to and I think I can contribute to this story if you'll allow me to join.
Ralof of Riverwood, I just had to say it.
(thanks Evara and here is Haerolin's sign up)

Name: Haerolin Starstrike

Race/Class: Kaldorei druid

Role within the Group: advisor and fighter

Description: Haer is a druid that has seen many battles. His muscular body is a deep purple. His shoulder length violet hair is kept in a tight tail so it is not in his way. He walks with a slight limp due to an injury he received when he battled Satyrs in Ashenvale. Although it has healed, the scar tissue has caused him to favor his right leg out of habit more than pain. His arms and shoulders are crisscrossed with old scars, but the most troublesome of his inuries is not visible. He has emotional scars that twist his mind in sometimes odd ways. Amber eyes are full of wisdom and and a quiet dignity, until he is around demons. His personality seems to bounce from being calm and wise, to being a berzerk and fierce fighter. The only one who truly knows him and has his heart is Raevien, his mate.

Armor/Weapons: Haer fights mostly in bear form and eschews the normal leather chest piece, he wears the standard tough leather pants and boots. The fact he goes about bare chested and showing off his scars is not out of boasting, but simple expediency. He often wears a long deep purple cloak that is full enough to wrap around him and cover his face with the hood if necessary. Bracers and fingerless gloves finish his armor. His weapons of choice are his teeth and claws. Though he sometimes carries a simple staff to aid in his walking. He is very proficient in the use of the staff. Often challenging warriors to spar with him.

Basic History: Haer spent most of his life in the hills surrounding Hyjal. Roaming the woods and getting close to nature. Before he met Raevien he was very solitary by choice. She coaxed him into being a bit more social, but his mood is often taciturn and dry. He often sits silent while she rambles on in social settings.

The war of the Sundering left him with a burning hatred of all demons in any form. His entire family was wiped out and he was left alone, except for Raevien. The worst battle he had and possibly the last large scale one, left him almost dead. He gave his all to keep Raevien safe. His protection of her is his highest priority and he is intensely loyal to her.

His mind is his worst fault and also his greatest virtue. A long life of battles with only the peace of the forest to calm him. Raevien seems to think he needs closure of some kind. His memories of the Sundering have left him sadly disillusioned of the Kaldorei leadership. He will go out of his way to protect those in his group, but he is more disposed to fighting smaller battles rather than a large group of faction based war.

He has knowledge of demons and Satyrs and fighting them all his life. He knows where they hide, he can find them and knows tricks now he wishes he had known before. He has not even told Raevien of his intense personal vendetta against any of the demons. His eyes burn with a flame of hatred and fury whenever he is near them.

(Any striking disparities I am willing to fix, just tell me!)
Name: Allaynna (Allay) Kidrain

Race/Class: Human death knight

Role within the Group: Melee, brutal killer, callously cruel humor. Mostly melee, but I have to amuse myself somehow, right?

Description: Short, standing around 5'5", Allaynna Kidrain's fit figure still poses an impressively threatening aura. Cold, ice-blue eyes as is typical of death knights gleam from her sharp features. Small nose and pale skin is splashed with freckles and scars, visible remnants of her past life.

Fiery tempered, and fast to anger but slow to forgive, Allaynna carries herself with a cat-like grace and aloof-ness. Her face is perpetually cool, showing nothing but the briefest flashes of emotion.

Typically, she dresses in loose clothes, breeches and shirts, under her heavy armor. She wears a single silver ring, and a gold one about her neck on chain, accompanied by a tarnished symbol of the Light.

Armor/Weapons: She wears relatively simple armor, heavy metal, etched with shimmering runes, a typically dark theme in the necromantic glyphs of the death knights. Death. Decay. Pain. Blood. Disease. And so on, the runes ranging from palm-sized to minute, and it is clearly a labor of love. Allaynna treats her sword with much the same respect as her armor, the large, two-handed blade is handled with a grave and agility that her small frame belies.

The blade is built in such a way that it's really a two-handed sword for the short woman, and her strength is clear in the way she wields her weapon of choice. As with her armor, runes gleam on the blade, and a perpetual hoarfrost covers it.

She carries a dagger, tucked into one boot, as well as another small knife on her belt.

Basic History: Born Allaynna Liams in Stormwind, her father died in the wars, and she was forced to care for her sister, Ellen, as their mother sank into her work as a priestess and her grief. At fourteen, Allaynna had made the decision to follow her father's path, and at 16, she began what training she could.

In the course of her training, she met Seth, whom she later married. Allaynna quickly rose through the army, earning a Lieutenant's rank by 28. Later that same year, she left her husband and a two-year-old daughter behind, traveling with a caravan to the Plaguelands.

At 28 years old, Allaynna Liams died, and Allaynna Kidrain was born. Raised by the Lich King, she took the name of a victim as her own. Under the Lich King's command, she committed acts as wrong as they get. It was killing her sister, then a priestess working closely with those opposing the Lich King, that she began the long struggle to free herself from who she had become.

Why is she here? When the days stretch endlessly on ahead of you, and you don't know how you can bear living through it, or not, in her case, you do whatever you can to fill the boredom. When the call went out for fighters, she jumped at it.
@Yanyung and Ralof - I will take another look at your characters tomorrow when I can think straight. They look a lot better, but I have just skimmed over them, not taken a long look.

@Raevine - her mate should be okay, I didn't see anything that jumped out at me. I will reread tomorrow when I am not so tired

@Allay - accepted. I think your DK should be interesting in a group of mostly night elves. But hey, someone needs the stomach to flay the satyr at the end.
I edited my sign up a bit to reflect that Lanura speaks little Common. When she speaks Common she will most likely speak in short sentences that will probably be missing a word or two.

When she speaks Darnassian I will italicize that text like this to help differentiate between Darnassian and Common.

I'm trying to keep it simple but after thinking into her character more I decided she probably never bothered to learn much Common.
Thanks Evara I will do my best not to do things with Illisadel that would be OP, obviously if I do just let me know and I will edit:)
@Yanyun - The character history is much better. Accepted.

@Ralof - History is much better, but there is an issue with his age. The fall of the Lich King wasn't that long ago and if he was born after Arthas was killed, he would still be a child. Rather than try to reference his age by using events, just state how old he appears to be. Assuming that he isn't left as a child, accepted.

@Raevine - I didn't see any discrepancies with Hael's history. It should be interesting to see his reactions through the whole RP--I am looking forward to reading it!

@Silvestris - I like the idea that her common isn't so good. Long live character quirks--speaking of which, Balanad needs a few.

I assume that Mal is still planning on posting a sheet, so we will wait for him. I'll probably be speaking with him today or tomorrow in game so I can follow up. Hopefully we will get the IC up by Monday morning.

Just one point for the opening: Your characters will need to be in Darnassus for some reason as they are going to scour the city for volunteers. The exceptions I see are Sam, Hael, and Raevine since they are druids. If you want to say that you were specifically contacted for this mission and brought to Darnassus, that would be fine.
Darnassus for some reason.

Right... Now... why would Allay be in Darnassus...


Haha, I'll figure something out.
Alright, since Yanyun has yet to go to Darnassus it would make sense for him to be there as he likes to explore.
Thanks for clearing that up for me just realized how silly that part sounded hehe He's definitely not a child and thank you very much for accepting me I'll think up a good IC reason for Ralof to be in Darnassus.
Name: Ashel "Ash" Gregory

Race/Class: Worgen Priest

Role within the Group: Healer, Herbalist/Alchemist

Description: While human, Ashel stands at 5'8 with toned skin and a slight muscular build from his travels. His most distinguishable feature which can be spotted off-hand would be the pair of ash gray eyes which play a part in his nickname. A not-so-visible mark would be the claw marks that trail from his neck all the way down to his mid-section. He keeps his face clean-shave and his shoulder length black hair is kept neat, tied back into a single ponytail.
Contrary to most Gilneans, he dresses plainly, often wearing just plain linen pants and shirts that he did not mind getting dirtied out in his journeys.
His demeanor is always calm, never raising his voice, or seeming to get angry ever.

Worgen Form: Once he changes, his toned skin becomes covered in raven black fur, his height increasing to nearly 7 feet. His gray eyes become crimson, losing their serene look to be replaced with nothing but primal fury. His once calm demeanor is replaced, becoming easily irritable, quick to snap(no pun intended), and hostile if he feels threatened.

Armor/Weapons: He always carries a small prayer book, the cover worn down and hanging in tatters from it's age. A light mace hangs tucked at his side for times when the "good book" may need a bit of help in protecting him from vagabonds or other unsavory types. He wears a large white silken robe, laced with gold along the sleeves and the hem, a gray woolen cloak hangs across his back, the symbol of Gilneas embroidered at it's center.

Basic History: Born in the city of Gilneas, Ashel was the only child of his mother and father. His childhood was spent like most children, running around with friends, exploring the country side and generally having no care at all. All this would change when the Second War broke out, his father would leave to fight for the Alliance, leaving his mother to care for him. While his father was away fighting things went from bad to worse, his mother took ill and was often left bedridden for days or weeks on end. To care for her, he found odd jobs to do, going out and collecting herbs for the local apothecary or just playing courier. It was here that he built up his knowledge of plant life, learning to differentiate between the local plants and what properties they had that could be useful to people.

It wasn't much longer that news came that his father had perished in battle, leaving him and his mother truly alone. The nation of Gilneas withdrew from the Alliance, isolating themselves from the world behind the Greymane wall. Ashel was more or less not concerned with the politics of the seclusion, as far as he knew, the Alliance was the reason his father died. Even still, he had more pressing matters to attend to. His mother's condition grew worse and she hung on the cusp of life. When all else failed, he turned to the Light, beginning to practice utilizing the holy magic to try and heal his mother of the disease that was slowly taking her from the world.

While he succeeded for some time, she eventually succumbed. He laid her to rest and left home, choosing to wander and spread the word of the Light, to help those in need. It was during his travels that he came across a wounded man on the side of the road, rambling about being attacked by a wild beast. Ashel did what he could to help the man, letting him rest on his cot while he saw to the deep wounds along his upper body.

Ashel was turned away tending to the fire when a loud roar came from behind him. He barely had enough time to turn, finding the cot empty and a large..beast standing before him. It's eyes glowered red, it's mouth hung agape showing razor teeth. He shouted at it, trying to scare it away, though it did not budge, only crept closer. Finally it leaped, attacking him in a frenzy of claws and teeth. He managed to save himself by casting a shield just before the impact but the onslaught was fierce. Though he managed to escape, he was left with a deep wound to his person, reaching from his throat down to his mid-section. He fled, running as far as his feet could take him towards the nearest village. Then his mind went blank.

When he next came to his senses, he found what he had done, that he had transformed due to the "curse". He immediately set out to try and repair the damages he and those afflicted had dealt, healing, preaching, anything that could redeem him. He made a quick friendship with the Night Elves that had appeared, offering to help drive back the Forsaken as well as help them maintain control of their affliction. He would leave Gilneas behind, choosing to head to Darnassus, to expand his knowledge and prepare himself for what was to come.
@Mal - the sign up looks good. Accepted.

I will finish editing out the opening post and get it up hopefully Sunday night or Monday morning.

Basic info for opening posts:
You are in Darnassus (don't really care why) when word goes out via druids and sentinels that the library where Baerythan's Ashes were kept was attacked and a group is being assembled to go retrieve them. Interested parties should report to the Cenarion Enclave, at which point they will assess whether or not you will join the team and then give you the time and place where you will meet the rest of the team and be given more information.

Druids: if you want to say your character was specifically asked (or told) to join, feel free.

Time and place for meeting: At dusk the following day in the Cenarion Enclave. They will use the top floor of the tree for this.

Side note: vent is soooo much easier for these things!
I will post both of my druids as living in Darnassus and being called by the Cenarions to help. We will have some fun with this because of the interactions between my two are going to be a bit strained. Female druids have only recently (I am guessing since just before the Second War) been allowed to practice openly. Raevien is still learning. Haerolin is a veteran, but his unstable mind causes him to be a little chaotic.

I am going to work on this on my word processor and post when you get the IC up. I am looking forward to this, I think it opens a lot of opportunity for character development.

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