Baerythan's Ashes (OOC/Sign-Ups)

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The IC is up, I decided that I could pick at it for another two days or just post it. Kel, let me know if you see any typos.
woot I am the first to post :D

first time for everything:P

let me know if its ok Evara

I will check back later on tonight to see if I need to post again:3
That was an amazing intro, Evara. I enjoyed reading it immensely, kudos to you. Working on my post now.
Putting finishing touches on mine as well. Very good. Have some rp tonight, but will try and get it up before bed.

Excellent as always Evara.
Got a little carried away writing my introduction. I promise I won't force everyone to read so much every time I post.

I'm excited for this RP. :>
Thank you, I feel as through it is rush and I left a good chunk of the story out, but when it crept on to the fourth page, I decided that I needed to call it quits. I may do some flashbacks and flush out the story a bit.
So how was my opening post for Illisadel, since no one said anythign I assume it at least doesn't need to be changed, but I just want to know what you guys thought of it:P

I have been waiting for the right moment to introduce him, so am curious what others think:3
I like him so far. I was grossed out by "indiscretions" with his succubus, but that's just me. XD
01/27/2013 08:30 PMPosted by Silvestris
I like him so far. I was grossed out by "indiscretions" with his succubus, but that's just me. XD

lol :3
I'll get a post up after practice tonight.
I like your villain, Sam. I am going to enjoying reading those posts.

Feel free to have your characters interact while we wait for everyone to post. I will have Fel's up today and Balanad's later tonight.
May I make a suggestion, Sam? It was difficult for me to tell who was speaking in your dialogue between yourself and whatever that demon thing you have in your mind. Can you please make a separation clearer? Separate paragraphs is easier and noting who is speaking is much easier to follow.

Other than that I like all those who are posting. Very interesting.

My male druid is not very talkative. Though he will speak when it is necessary.
Rae I can try but I have them separated like this right now

the Demon always will be in italics with quotations

Sam's thoughts are just in italics but I can separate them a little better:3
I'm... tired. Auxi, I'll get something up tonight after classes and practice. It's sitting on my desktop at home, so I just have to copy/paste tonight.
kk.... I figure I'll post the briefing Wednesday and then give a day for people to make preparations to leave. Which means I will delay Balanad posting since that is a nice segue into the briefing.

Now... to curl up in a corner and sleep.

I'm just awake enough to know that I should be asleep.
We will be moving on today without the other two, we'll see if they catch up. I should get a post up for Balanad this afternoon and move the story forward.
Evara I have a question firstly can the ashes be destroyed without doing any harm?

Secondly will you be posting again to tell everyone to introduce themselves, or are we just supposed to do that now?
@Sam - That is a great question about the ashes. I would say yes... since the ashes were mostly kept for nostalgia.

As for introductions, lets have everyone go ahead and introduce themselves in their next post and ask any questions they might have.
ok posted, I will have Sam introduce himself probably after everyone else has, or after his question is answered, haven't decided yet:3

edited last post to include something for Illisadel:) haven't decided if I am going to have him meet the party in the Ruins or wait until a little later:P

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