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I'm writing! Fridays are my friends!
I'll get a post up this afternoon after I prod Mal into getting something up.
The plan is to move to Dalaran tomorrow. I'll get that up in the afternoon to give Raevine a chance to post before we move out of Darnassas and get this thing under way.
Hope that does not shake you up too much Sam. Haerolin can be a pain, I have no idea what made him do that...maybe because it is 4 in the morning and I wanted to post something interesting...

Do your characters ever get minds of their own sometimes? Raevien is embarrassed. A simple explanation of why he smells like Fel will calm Haerolin. I am sure.
Moving onto Dalaran. Just have your next post getting your toon through the three hours and there. A portal will be set up in Rut'theran Village that will take you to the Silver Enclave, but from there Balanad will want to move out fairly fast.

They will be traveling by night and resting during the day.
sorry for the double post mainly just trying to keep this on front page.

Debating on whether I should post for Illisadel getting to Dalaran, or just say next time I post for him that they arrived before the group, what do you guys think, should I post for Illisadel getting to Dalaran?
Evara, is it still possible to get another character in here? I'm not 100% sure I want to bring someone in but ever since doing research on Lanura I came across a little tidbit on wowpedia that got my creative juices flowing. I didn't include them in here because Lanura was new herself and I didn't want to put two new characters in the same RP. But I've had a few days now to think it over and I'd be more comfortable with it now.

If its too late that's fine. I was just wondering.
Another character is fine, Sil.
Just need Sylestris to post and we will move it onto the Crystalsong Forest and satyr hunting.
guess I will go ahead and post was kind of waiting for some more ppl to post, but I guess I should get one up soon in regards to Evara's last post:P will get it up before the night is over so don't move us forward or it just wouldn't make sense:P am feeling a little sickish so gotta give mah brain some time to get them creative juices flowin ya know:3
Take your time, Sam. I think we have a few conversations to resolve before we move out.
Glad you said that Evara cuz my brain just isn't coming up with anything tonight hopefully it will be less clouded by sickness tomorrow, will definitely get a post up sometime tomorrow morning/afternoon. Sorry I couldn't get anything up tonight:(
sorry for double post again:P

posted, hope you don't mind that had kinda wrote in that Feliathae said, "Are you alright" a couple times.
I don't have an issue with it Sam - are you feeling better?

While we wait for Sylvestris to post, Balanad has offered up two choices: Hunt down and capture a Crystalsong satyr for questioning or heading into the Ruins of Shanadral to see what Ziantov was after.
Yes I am feeling better thanks for asking Evara:D


edit: ok posted is short, and it doesn't matter where you send Sam am prolly gonna have Illisadel show up at the ruins, whether Sam is there or not, so I will let you decide Evara:3
So sorry, I've had a ridiculous couple days. No internet at home so I'm posting this from a friend's house. Due to cable re-wiring going on in my apartment building this week I won't have internet until Thursday.

Sadly I'm going to have to drop out as there is no way I'm going to be able to reliably post until Thursday. Have fun everyone!
Would it be possibe to jump in?
02/08/2013 06:40 PMPosted by Sammuroth
it doesn't matter where you send Sam am prolly gonna have Illisadel show up at the ruins, whether Sam is there or not,

Having Illisadel show up at the ruins is fine. I'll let Raevine decide where she'd like to go and Sam will go in the opposite direction.

Speaking of which, we should probably divide Balanad and Allay up, too, since they are the heavy hitters. Perhaps it might be best to send Allay after the satyr since she would probably do a really good job of 'convincing' it to talk. Which means I'll pet Feliathae on the satyr, too, thus dividing the two toons between the groups.

02/08/2013 09:11 PMPosted by Silvestris
Sadly I'm going to have to drop out as there is no way I'm going to be able to reliably post until Thursday.

I am sorry to hear that Sylvestris! Check back when you get internet access and if your schedule slows down. It may be possible for you to jump back in if you'd like.

02/09/2013 06:38 AMPosted by Elfriouno
Would it be possibe to jump in?

Sorry, at this time I am not taking anyone else, but thanks for your interest.

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