Baerythan's Ashes (OOC/Sign-Ups)

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02/09/2013 03:05 PMPosted by Evara
I'll let Raevine decide where she'd like to go and Sam will go in the opposite direction.

alrighty Rae don't think just because I am having Illisadel show up at the ruins you have to go after the satyr, just want to make that clear:3

edit: Evara do you RP in game at all, or do you strictly only forum rp just curious:P
I think most of us are doing in game rp as well. But I enjoy both.

Haerolin will go opposite of wherever Sam goes, just to be safe. I will post him as coming soon.
oh my with what just happened with Sam he may keel over:P

anyway again feel free to go whichever way you want, Sam doesn't neccessarily have to meet up with Illisadel just yet:3
02/09/2013 05:28 PMPosted by Sammuroth
Evara do you RP in game at all, or do you strictly only forum rp just curious:P

I RP in game, too. Not on Evara, though. I have characters on Cenarion Circle and Farstriders; horde and alliance.
02/10/2013 08:13 AMPosted by Evara
I RP in game, too. Not on Evara, though. I have characters on Cenarion Circle and Farstriders; horde and alliance.

How hard would you say it is to do in game RP compared to forum RP I know I have said this before but I have thought about trying in game RP, but am kind of nervous to do so:P

Sorry for the off topic question:P
I think you'd do fine with it, Sam. It does take a bit to get used to though. If you like, tag me on one of my toons and I'll RP with you : ).

I think I need to prod some people into posting... hmm...
just making sure this stays on the front page Evara what are some of your toons you rp in game?
I will prod Mal into posting tonight and get something up for Balanad and Feliathae tomorrow.

Sam, my toons on Cenarion Circle include Auxilia (horde) and Rheinne (alliance) and on Farstriders Calithielle and Feliathae (both nelfs). Although I have not done much of anything on Feliathae.
ok thnx Evara:3
Posted and we are moving forward. I will assume that Raevine and Haerolin are with the group for now, but if we don't hear from her in a few days, then I'll say they had to go back to Darnassas for some reason.

Heading to the Mirror of Twilight and from there, the group will make camp and split up for their two tasks:

Satyr: Balanad, Sammuroth, and Ash
Ruins: Allaynna, Feliathae, Raevine, and Haerolin
I'll post a bit later

edit: posted just want to make sure before I do anything, but Evara is it cool if I have Illisadel cause some trouble for the ones in the ruins?
Sorry I have not posted in a bit. Kind of losing interest in this. YOu may say the two of them are arguing and decided to go back to Darnassus. I have too many things going on now to keep up.
@Sam - Feel free to have Illisadel cause some trouble.

@Raevine - Sorry to see you drop out but I understand.
Moving forward with a post tomorrow setting up hunting the satyr and heading to the ruins.
just out of curiosity who is still around? besides Evara, and myself:P
Mal and Allayanna are still in, but this may be dying... I'll check and see with them if they are still interested in this.
And the group to the Ruins is moving out! I should get something up for the group going after the satyr.

I spoke with Mal and he says that he is still in. I have not seen Allay today but her schedule is loaded this semester. I won't be in game until Monday-ish so I will peg her then if she doesn't post over the weekend.
ok I will wait on some word of Allay before I do anything with Illisadel, or do you want me to wait until after you do whatever it is you have planed with the wood nymph? Regardless I am gonna wait for some word on Allay:3
You don't have to wait on the nymph, in fact, if he is watching her attacking might be a good opportunity for him to try and do something.

I meant to get something up on Balanad last night moving the satyr party forward and remembered that I had no about 4:30 this morning. Then I promptly fell back asleep. This is going to be a long restless weekend ><.

And I added Balanad's little piece to the end of my last post.
ok posted, now it is a veritable army of undead, but they are just basic ghouls, nothing too powerful, mainly cannon fodder for two experienced warriors, you can do whatever you want with the nymph before you acknowledge the undead Evara:3

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