Baerythan's Ashes (OOC/Sign-Ups)

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bump for great justice:P

waiting for you guys to finish with the nymph, I assume you are going to either kill or capture it, once that is done I will have the undead move in:3
I am going to give Allay some time to get a post up before I continue with Feliathae. Malakae posted, so I will get something up concerning Balanad and the satyrs.
I will get a post up later, or at least aim to. I had one written, and WET ate it earlier.
I am still here, I will wait for you to finish with the nymph then I will post for Sam, and Illisadel, unless you are ready for me to have the undead attack:P just let me know:3
kk, Sam

edit: I'll leave it up to Kel whether Allay lets the nymph go or kills it. I figured that such a creature would attack if released just out of spite so it will probably end up dead anyway.
As soon as Allay posts we gonna get all Dawn of the Dead up in here:3

So excited>:D
Ohh yes. Sam's seen me write for Allay when she gets stuck in situations like this. Auxi, I'm going to post the nymph turning and attacking, then Allay killing it, okay?

Edit: I'll get it up after practice tonight.
Killing it is fine, Kel. Sorry did I not answer you sooner, I ended up with a massive sinus headache last night (still have it) and meds aren't helping. I have a long day today, but should be online this evening if I am feeling better.

The. Forums. Ate. My. Post.

Posted have fun with the undead:3
I will get something up today with both elves and prod Mal into posting.
I will wait for Mal and Kel to post before putting anything up. : )
Bumpity for great justice:D
I'll... Jesus.

Something. Give me time. Possibly not until life settles down this weekend. Sorry guys. Just assume Allay's killing things if you need to move on.
I will get something up on both toons tomorrow moving the story forward. I will just put a pile of corpses at Allay's feet. I wanted to get something up tonight, but am just too worn out.

For the record: agility training is painful
Alright posted. I sort of glossed over the two fights... sorry Sam that you didn't get to do much with your undead army but it would have pretty much been a one-sided fight.

Since this looks like it is dying a slow death, I'd like to push forward and see how far we can get. I know that Allay is caught between work and school and while I have prodded Mal to post, he may not have the time, either. If it comes down to it and Sam is willing, we may move on with the three night elves and short cut to the end or call the thing dead and give it a proper burial. I'll give it over the weekend and then see what we want to do.
I am up for finishing it Evara, I really want to have Sam meet up with his brother before this ends, so perhaps if it ends up just being you and I that finish perhaps Sam can fight with Illisadel while Balanad, and Feliathae go and deal with Ziantov:3
Sounds good, Sam. We'll figure it out if we get to that point.
alrighty, I posted btw:3

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