Baerythan's Ashes (OOC/Sign-Ups)

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Auxi. I'll beg your forgiveness in game tonight hopefully. I'll get something up at some point today. I have one more midterm, and have to work through repercussions of failing a physics test.
I meant to say earlier that you did a great job with Sam's story. I am interested in seeing how it all works out for him in the end.

Why thank you very much, I am hoping to have all this lead up to my own set of threads that I want to make. One of them being finally breaking Sam's curse, and getting the demon out of him. So I appreciate you allowing me to throw my own little side story for Sam into your thread:D
I will be getting something up today moving the group forward to Vordrassil. I hope to resolve the thread this next week.
posted a lil somethin, Sam is frustrated, and a frustrated kitty is not a happy kitty:P
Double post, but whatever, ok I wasn't sure what you wanted Sam to find, so I decided to have Illisadel make his move, if you wanted something else let me know, and I will fix it:3
I meant to post here asking what you wanted to handle first after I had put my piece up... then promptly forgot to do so! Sorry about that Sam! What you have is good so we will roll with it.
ok then I am thinking I will have Illisadel go after Ziantov, and once we take care of his minions, minus Zara, she is not allowed to be killed, but you can injure her or whatever. The team rushes in, and thats when Sam fights his brother while the rest deal with Ziantov, so if that is ok, I will need a Ziantov post so Illisadel can get to him. Just to be clear they won't fight, unless you send some of Ziantov's minions to get slaughtered>:3 mainly just the classic villain face off of posturing and what not. If that is not ok then my other idea is after we deal with Illisadel's minions the party can run into him while they search for Ziantov.

Those are my ideas if you have something else in mind that is alright also, I don't want it to seem like I hijacked your thread after you were nice enough to let me do this:)

Much <3
That sound fine, Sam. I posted something for Ziantov, ending at the point he realizes that the undead and demons are moving in. He has not seen Illisadel yet so he isn't entirely certain what is going on at the moment. Should be good for the element of surprise.
I'm writing. Going to let Allay sense/ notice the undead if that's okay. If not I'll edit it later.
I would imagine a Death Knight could do such things:)

edit: ok fight has commenced, Evara what else does Ziantov have with him or is he alone now, I didn't want to post Illisadel attacking anything until I knew what he was attacking:P

Also I didn't have Sam start fighting in my post, figured I'd just start the fight, mainly because I am gonna be heading out soon so didn't have time for a long postXD

With that said I do apologize for the shortness, let me know what I have to work with for Illisadel, and if no one has posted between now and tomorrow I will edit the post to make Illisadel's part longer:P
Auxi has locked her account (yay blizzard) and will not be able to post until Friday at the earliest.
I will assume Auxi is Evara:P I don't know all of their altsXD
Oh, yeah.
Sorry about the hiccup in posting. I went out of town and forgot to bring my authenticator so I could not log in! I will get something up today.
Post is up, sorry I didn't get it finished last night. Not feeling too well : (
Ok posted, hope it is accepatable, obviously you can do whatever you want with Zara's attack on Feliathae, the same with Illisadel's attack on Ziantov. Whenever you want to break away, to finish the story just let me know, so I can have Sam attack Illisadel:3
I doubt I will get anything up tonight, still not feeling well. I will mull over what the scene looks like and try to get something up tomorrow.
feel better Evara

/kitteh snuggles

My post was claimed by the stomach bug... rewriting and hopefully it will be up tonight.
I will let my thoughts swirl around, and come together before I post, which should be some time tomorrow:3

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