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I have herd a lot of names that are references in games and I wonder
"What references do you make in your toon name?"
The second is
"If your Character has one what is your Toon name's refference?"

Myself: My name is a reference to the Album and Song by Nightwish
I have a Shadow Priest named Zerospace in reference to the Kidneythieves song/album.
My monk is named after a character from the anime and manga Azumanga Daioh.
My warlock here: A combination of Poison Ivy and Rosenrot. Thanks to the song/album by Rammstein.

My tauren warrior: "Yautja" the name given to the Predator species

My undead Priest: I named him Nefarious after Dr Nefarious from Ratchet and Clank.

I have another priest. A worgen named Jesaja. After a character in the movie "Felidae". I have a Claudandus too that I need to remake from the same movie.
Let's see. Most of my characters are video game references.

Arbiter- Halo series

Andrewryan- Bioshock

Viridi- Kid Icarus Uprising

Iruka- Fire Emblem

I have so many more.
Similar to a thread on the main page, but still...

Breakbeat - is a genre of electronic music that I love.

Billyshears - "It was twenty years ago today..." Google it, kids.

Tykwer - a favorite movie director of mine.

Dramenbejz - a reference to drum and bass, another favorite style of music. You'll hear it said like this on podcasts from prague or russia or cz, etc.

Liquicity - name of a dnb promoter and a good fit for a resto shaman
Jarethbowie - King Jareth played by David Bowie.

Bîllnye - The Science Guy is his guild name.

Duckhuntdog - The dog from the NES game.

Rîffraff - Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Peddlefeet - WoW

Geva - For Gevaudan the werewolf, based on the Nightmare/Atmosfear board game rather than the actual legend one.

Cheerbear - Care Bears
Umberlee is from D&D, choatic evil goddess of the ocean
I have a lowbie hunter named Nystrom, after guitarist Anders Nystrom of Katatonia and Bloodbath... and another lowbie hunter named Atriani, after Joe Satriani.

I also name many of my pets after metal musicians and bands, haha. Fear Necrophagist the Singing Sunflower and Mikaelakerfeldt the Westfall Chicken! (Even though I don't really like Necrophagist D:)
Soeroah is my main, so several alts use 'soe' somewhere.

Soemunculus is my goblin hunter. Because he's short, and homunculus.

My druid is named after some Celtic god that has 'Cat' in its name. He was gonna be a healer but in MoP went Feral, so that worked out.

My mage is Arcane and, for personal enjoyment, I do whatever I can to make it feel like a time mage. Its name is the Latin word for 'eternal'.

Monk is a play on the word 'zodiac'.

Shaman is gonna be another nature spirit name.

Warlock...haven't decided. Probably some demon-sounding name.
I have a warrior on a different server named "Dio"
which is an obvious reference to Ronnie James Dio (Jan 10, 1942 - May 16 2010)
I've been thinking about making an alt warlock whose name would be a reference to Cradle of Filth (a British band that is one of my favorites). And on my hunter I have a pet named Geddy (after Geddy Lee from Rush).

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Rîffraff - Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Nice reference!
Pretty much all of mine are music or movie references, except for this toon (name comes from one of my old D&D characters)

Let's see...

Mage: Sisterray (song by The Velvet Underground)
Rogue: Pitchfork (first 4-song album by the band Clutch)
Warlock: Exeloume (song by Diamanda Galas)
Priest: Munly (named for Jay Munly, singer with Slim Cessna's Auto Club and other bands)
Monk: Garyfloyd (song by The Butthole Surfers)
Warrior: Bonniebrae (song by The Twilight Singers)
Druid: Severen (named for Bill Paxton's character in Near Dark)

Other names I have scattered around, but unavailable on my realm:

Molt (a Clutch song, great druid name)
Peterbilt (reference to another Clutch song, "The House that Peterbilt." Preferred name for a Tauren warrior)
Crowjane (a Nick Cave song)
Antietam (a song by Jucifer, reference to the civil war battle. Great priest name)
Venacava (a Diamanda Galas album, default name for a blood elf)
Colqhoun/Colquhoun (Robert Carlyle's character from Ravenous, default undead name due to cannibalize)

So many more...
All my characters are named after Terry Goodkind's Sisters of the Dark and when I can't get the name I want, I'll go with a Sister of the Light

Dark: Ulicia (Troll Warlock), Cecilia (Orc Hunter), Jodelle (Troll Druid), Liliana (Undead DK), Merissa (Belf Mage), Odette (Goblin Hunter), Roslyn (Tauren Paladin), Tahirah (Goblin Shaman), Tovi (Orc DK), Nicci (Belf Priest), Alessandra (Panda Warrior).*

*Yes I know Nicci and Alessandra are ex-Sisters of the Dark.

I want Armina to round out the main sisters but someone who hasn't logged on the character with that name in three years won't give it up >:(

Light: Annalina (Tauren Druid), Aubrey (Undead Rogue), Janet (Undead Rogue)

All my toons are on Eredar.
Kerrang! - long-time heavy metal magazine.

Kerrangg was my long-time warrior tank main. When I turned this toon into my main at the start of MoP, I renamed him after Kerrangg. (Was previously Bigjilm, named after the Ween song.)
Most of my toons names come from an old Bungie RTS game Myth: The Fallen Lords/Myth II Soulblighter.

The main antagonist in the second game, Soulblighter (which is one of my fav game villains to date) had a bunch of names he went by, Twiceborn being one of them.
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