Enough is enough

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Wth happened in here. I figured this would end once he realized arena's end after 25 min.
01/19/2013 05:04 PMPosted by Xyril
Every single one of your sentences has started with dots.


I thought I'd also post on one of my DKs [this is Såsin].

Additional things you're failing at: You aren't reforged. Your hit is low, you're missing a !@#$ton of Mastery/Haste. Decent glyphs:

Icebound Fortitude
Death and Decay [helps you to stay on Druids, for one, since they can't shift out of that slow]
Shifting Presences
Dark Simulacrum
Icy Touch

These are not opinions. I also play DK, and I know what I'm talking about.

...ok, you seem to be trying to be genuine but I'm getting my info off of various websites, and armoring dks that do good in arenas and bgs...my whole focus is to burn one player down, usually the healer, and I can do this pretty easy except for druids and pallies which there are a whole bunch of...and the thing about opinions is not a slam, it's the truth, no opinion is wrong because it's from someone else's point of view...

How on Earth can you say you do this.... very..... easily.... because.... your.... record... is.... almost... as .... flawless.... as... your....grammar....man.....I don't think you can do anything Easily in this game other then write useless tickets/forum pages/and well click "q for arena" to feed free CPoints
01/19/2013 03:41 PMPosted by Malace

Okay first of all what's with all the periods. Second of all you're saying no cc no win but yet you're complaining about CC in this thread

...exactly, when me and my partner face teams with both cc's, mage/rogue for example, one of us dies while the other is cc'd...this is a big problem with any team with a druid or mage...the pally issue is they can't be slowed so if I go after his partner he get's hof...my partner complains all the time about warriors, which I have, so I can understand that...

Also people stop trying to talk about CC/Bursting in 2's anyone who plays wow knows this bracket is for LOL points, and not taken seriously since S1-2-3 when titles were still around
On the topic of this thread-

Maybe if you stacked the right stats and used the right abilities at the right time and stopped keyboard turning and clicking your abilities you might get a win/loss ratio that's not equivalent to your IQ.

And counter: 3



LOLOL using noxxic for PRO PVP tips

Sorry this is to easy
Why are you using websites to get your stat and reforges? Its pretty simple gem resilience, 3% hit and expertise, crit is worthless. Which means anything over hit and expertise cap and pretty much any crit you reforge into haste if your running a two hander and mastery if your dual wield. And use your cooldowns right. Win. Or maybe grow a set and go unholy.
reroll unholy and stop being bad.

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