Wild Mushroom

So I've become interested in this skill. I see the change to the healer version coming in the PTR and I like that it seems to DO something. I've never really used it because of its inconvenience, so I'd like to point out some things that might make the skill a bit more user friendly. Since this is specifically related to only 1 skill, I'll get right to the point.

I'll start with the problems it has.

1: It takes multiple casts to plant the mushrooms.

2: It doesn't do terribly much for DPS or heals.

3: It has to be manually activated.

4: Bloom has a fairly small area.

Those are the problems as I see them. Of course, not ALL of these are necessarily problems for the skill and to make the skill more friendly, not ALL of them need to be solved.

Now my suggestions. Again, not all of them need to be implemented, nor should they as it might overpower it.

1: There are two ways that could speed up the planting process. A possible solution would be to have a single cast plant all three mushrooms in a circle around the casting point and give the spell a short cooldown. This could be well implemented as a glyph so the utility of spacing the mushrooms could be retained. A second option could be preventing the planting from triggering the GCD and giving Bloom/Detonate a short cooldown. As it is now, the mushroom triggers a shortened cooldown, but still takes 3 seconds to plant all 3. Having a GCD of 0 seconds would allow the druid to cast all 3 rapidly in any location.

2: Boomkin and Resto are hurting in their respective fields right now. An effort is being made to improve Resto's output with the mushrooms already, but Boomkin get no such love. A good option to throw this into the mix would be to have crits (likely from wrath) cause a mushroom to spawn, ready to detonate when all 3 are out. Another option that would boost AoE DPS would be to have Hurricane/Arcane storm proc mushrooms on affected targets at a certain percentage.

3: Having to be manually activated can be a nuisance, but a necessary evil to retain utility. The DPS version could likely always be proximity based without hurting the class to terribly. However, healers would usually prefer for the mushrooms to not auto-bloom just because the mushroom is fully charged. This would be another excellent glyph to tweak the spell.

4: Increase the area. Most AoEs are 10m anyway.

I would also like to add some comments on the changes coming to the resto version of the spell. I like that they use overhealing for productive purposes, but it should count for more that just rejuvinate's overheal. Maybe extend it to other HoT spells, possibly in different proportions based on the spell. Also, the bloom effect would, if nothing else, be more flavorful as a healing pool, similar to Efflorescence. Perhaps half applied instantly and the rest applied over time.

Again, not all these changes SHOULD be implemented. Many conflict with one another and would create an ungodly number of glyphs for a single spell. Instead, all should be considered to a point and a fine balanced reached. Feel free to suggest your favorite pairings, suggestions for my suggestions, suggestions for my list of problems, and any other interests or concerns here, including conflicting opinions/facts.
Please take a look at this suggestion and tell me what you think.

Please keep in mind these are just suggestions and I am not attempting to balance numbers or timings.

What a mushroom does:

The primordia form at ground level in lawns in humid spaces under the thatch and after heavy rainfall or in dewy conditions balloon to full size in a few hours, release spores, and then collapse.

So I want to try to focus on the spores portion or "blooming" of a mushroom, I would like to see all the druid spec's in some way utilize Wild Mushrooms so I thought of a few things:

Balance: Psychoactive Mushroom, if a target hits your mushroom it causes them to wander disoriented for 6 seconds. Damage done to target breaks the effect. ( I know its not really related to "blooming" but might be useful) If you bloom your mushroom(s) causes "Astral Focus Spores" increasing damage done (balance damage only) by the druid to target(s) by 5/10/15% for 15 seconds. Balance mushrooms have a 30 second cooldown per mushroom. (e.g. Double Time cooldown rotation for a warrior) Only 1 target can be disoriented at a time.

Restoration: Healing Mushroom, idea is similar to the direction Blizz wants to go, but instead of a big instant heal it can be another HoT healing for xxxxx damage over xx seconds. However, you are using 3 gcd's to get there, then pumping heals into players for them to be more effective, so give a passive heal increase from Blooming "Healing Spores" to the druid increasing healing done 3/6/9% for 15 seconds or increases healing done to targets by druid 3/6/9%. Bloom has a 30 second CD. 10 yard range on the bloom.

Feral: Cat's Claw Mushroom, takes 2 second grow time, on bloom causes "Bleed Spores" on target to take extra bleed damage 5/10/15% for 10 seconds. Alternately, "Edible Mushroom" you cast and when you bloom/devour them restores 33/66/100 energy. 30 second CD.

Guardian: Iron Mushroom, on bloom "Iron Spore" provides 10/20/30% damage(meaning all damage not just physical) reduction for 15 seconds. Using fewer mushrooms has lower cooldowns on blooms. 30/60/90 second CD. (guardian druid has to press bloom 3 times and each bloom can be additive to remaining, time adding 30 seconds to time remaining or a bloom all button for instant damage reductions and big CD)

Thank you for taking time to read it.
I absolutely love what Blizzard is doing to them. I don't want it part of the normal rotation so plant them before the fight, let it build overhealing, and then set it off during a wave of AOE damage for some serious burst aoe healing. It's perfect.
Yeah but the boomkin version is still terrible and useless, but blizzard ignores boomkin so we won't see a change.
02/04/2013 05:59 PMPosted by Mcpoop
I absolutely love what Blizzard is doing to them. I don't want it part of the normal rotation so plant them before the fight, let it build overhealing, and then set it off during a wave of AOE damage for some serious burst aoe healing. It's perfect.

I can see a problem with this.

My raid is, a lot of the time, not in the same place that they were at the beginning of the fight when I need to bloom the shrooms.

I got on the PTR and messed around a bit with them, and one suggestion I would have is that when you have a fully buffed shroom, you should be able to "replace" it and that new shrrom be fully buffed as well.

It is extremely clunky imo, in that it does take so many GCD's to place. In the time that it takes to place 3 shrooms on a melee group, they can already have run out of that spot.
Even with the change i dont see them being very useful in pvp (which is all i do on my resto druid)

The build up time and placement requirements (along with small radius) make this ability pretty lackluster still, imo. The chances of still being in radius when the shrooms are rdy to bloom seems minimal to me.

I would like to see shrooms changed into something you plant on a player. It can have the same mechanic they are going to use in 5.2 (but with much, much reduced max overheal stored maybe like 20% of druid max hp?? Idk).

This way you do not have to be a psychic and predict where the fight will be a long time in advance. Only use i see in their current implementation is when guarding a fc in bgs. Which they will be awesome for. But i would like the spell to be a bit more versatile overall and not just great in one particular situation

Plus planting shrooms on peoples backs would be sweet looking :)

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