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Ok here is the deal, i am a 7 year WoW player from EU, i have just moved out to Singapore a few months ago and as such havent played Wow since MoP launched until a week or 2 ago, a lot of changes have been implemented since i last played so i spent the first week or 2 sorting through all the classes deciding what i want to play and settles on pala, so here is the deal:

I hate leveling with a passion, RaF is 300% bonus until 80 this to me is awesome (shame blizz doesnt have a system in place that people moving regions cant get a free char same as thier max lvl in the other region, 10 lvl 85 chars and 7 years down the drain) anyway i digress, RaF is awesome and i plan on leveling to 90 in the next week or 2 (i play every evening and weekends)

what i am looking for is a partner to play with me from lvl 1-90 in the evenings (8:30 server time untill 2:00am minimum mon-thurs and as much as is possible at weekends) in return i am willing to pay for the acc, or if u pay for your own account upon reaching 90 i will pay for 2 months game time for u.


u must be active and punctual with the play time, coming on late or leaving early or just not coming on at all will void the promised gifts

Leveling will be done on Aman'Thul server

pref if u have vent (i own my own server) so its easy to communicate.

i am leveling as holy but can spec into prot if needed but would prefer if u level a tanking class or heals for fast queue times for dungeons.

if i buy the acc i will upgrade to battle chest only, MoP etc must be bought urself, if u pay for ur own MoP full account i will pay for 2 months game time (if u have been coming online on time and putting in the effort when we are leveling i will also purchase an in game pet from the store for u)

Edit: the other option is if u currently have a main acc and want to lvl a new char, if u pay for battle chest only on a new acc and i RaF ur acc, once we lvl to 80 together i will pay for the Char Xfer over to ur main acc.

ninja edit: if u are interested reply here and we can arrange a vent convo before we go any further so we can establish that both parties are serious, no time wasters (as i wont even entertain u)
new option u RaF me on a new account i will make and i will just xfer my toon over myself at 80
I'd be interested in joining you for this. How should I go about contacting you?
yo im from WA so we would be playing at the same time i believe.

LF incenting to lvl a new toon but like u i just cbf... haha so yeh if your interested my wow battle tag is


add me in game with that.
Very interested in this. Not interested in the monetary incentives whatsoever, just the raf. I'm living in Singapore atm so i can comply to all the timings. However, I'm only interested in lvling in frostmourne. Maybe we can work something out?
Dufas send me your real id and i will add u in game
alexenglish#6596 looking forward to hear from ya.
Im looking to RaF someone, my realm if you are committed on doing power levelling & if you do this ill pay for all flying, money for professions etc.

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