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Oceanic Guild Recruitment
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Hi Guys

I am looking for a raiding guild who can have a laugh and down content, I have been an officer in a few guilds over my Wow lifetime and am a responsible, mature adult with a passion for gaming.

Our server has died after MoP and there just is not enough players to run consistant raids, hence I am searching for a new home.

I am available most nights of the week & weekends as well, depending on what the wife has planned haha.

487 Guardian Tank, with 480 Resto OS
Willing to change servers/faction change to join a dedicated group of players.
Currently only 4/6 MSV but I have been playing/raiding for a long time, easily understand & pick up mechanics.
Alchemy Flask Master & Max Chef, I always turn up to raid preped and early.


If your interested let me know.
Bump it up!
Hi strife certainly keen to have a chat I'll be online on dath in about 1 hour hope to see u then, I'll be on elated, for about 30min
Bump so hard **** wanna fine me.
Still recruiting GMT+8 Raiders!
Bump etc.

- Cooldowns.
yay finally get my authenticator from home :)
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This has been a great guild to be in as the players are committed to the raid. Well unless there is a flood or natural disaster, we will be there to raid.

- Cooldowns.

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