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Hate to say 'rate my toon'...but i guess I'm asking to be rated sort of. Looking for some advice on a few things in regards to gearing and such. Started with more hit/exp/haste build, but at such lower gear level, was recommended get more prot gear, then reforge/gem to Hit cap>Expertise Cap>Mastery>Haste>parry/dodge. Outside getting Greater Ox, I think I'm about as far as I can go at this moment. Did a couple MV bosses yesterday once gear was setup, felt good, and now looking to go full on tanking. I'm skeptical on how to use my pooled up VP to use it to upgrade drops or spend on rep gear? Was thinking I'd get this week's LFR's out of the way today/tomorrow, then if no drops, spend on rep gear. Also, it seems ppl are all over the place about wep enchant. Running Colossus at the moment, but wondered if Windsong would be more beneficial? Any advice on the gear and/or next steps would be appreciated.

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