Complaint - Scourged Whelping Spawn (again)

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I keep this toon permanently parked above Sindragosa's Fall.. aka freezing in his armor on the glacier.

Logged at appx 1:20 central time today, within the last hr that servers came up.

Scourged Whelping.. nada-- zip- zilch..

This is the complaint part..

What is fun about this..? That I have to constantly check and log in all hrs of day and night just to find a single battle pet?

I have NEVER seen one, ever, spawn. I've checked early morning,.. middle of day.. all hrs of night, and zip-zilch-nothing.

I've read the patch notes for 5.2, and GC's tweets.. to see that spawn rates will be increased to similar to minfernal.

Great.. I've never seen one of those spawn either.. even thoughe I have a toon permanently parked in Fellwood at the infernal area.

I realise this may be controversial.. my moaning on this.

This ranks right up there with raiding heriocc modes and wiping more than 70 times on a boss due to twitchy fight mechancis that you have to execute perfectly. One lag, one missed cooldown, and its wipe and staart over.


But again, I pose the question..

whats fun about this?

Closing point. guess this is one more thing in Wow I will never be able to complete..

-- sigh --

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