<Optimus>LFM Core RBG Group for 5.2 (DK)+More

<Optimus> is a Hardcore PvP Guild on Barthilas Horde. We are generally Aus / NZ based, however we have players from Japan and America as well. We are currently looking for more players for our RBG Group!

Something about ourselves

While most guilds boast to being a PvP Guild since so-and-so date and have been around for however long, Optimus has humbler beginnings. Founded as a guild simply for a group of good friends to be able to PvP together, it has expanded into the massive entity that it is now, over the 1 year that it has been around. Many of its most senior members have been around long enough to say things like 'I was a tree druid before people even dared to use it'.

Something about our RBGs

RBG Times:
Once i get the RBG Group set 'Again' ill be setting times to which it suits everyone

Current progression: 1750cr (In one night when the Original Core was together!). Looking to go 2.2k+ 5.2!

Who are we looking for?

1 DK (Target Caller) must be extremely good at Unholy and Frost

All Exceptional Players are Welcome

I will Armory, Ask Questions and see if u are Capable to go high rating!

If you think you are one of the exceptionally skilled and experienced players you are more than welcome to add Brad#1235 to get a hold of me!

We look forward to hear from you.
LFM PvP Enthusiasts
If I join can I also get 2400 in one night?
Also LF a Boomy for 5.2
01/23/2013 08:20 AMPosted by Jovial
This is awkward.
Check out Optimus destroying When Bored Smash Horde ahahaha 2ez check it out

01/23/2013 08:20 AMPosted by Jovial
This is awkward.
Why are you recuiting when you already have so many RBGs that have gone from 0 to 2.5k rating in a matter of hours? Seems like talent to me.
everyone stealing my 2ez thing

everyone wants to be badges
the common internet abbreviation 2ez has been in existence b4 u were born
I know not many people want ret pallies in RBG's but id love to join you guys
I just transferred to this server from a dead one. I am looking for an active PVP guild, one that does RBG's on a regular basis. I mostly play sPriest, but have played heal spec as well. Can you PST in game, because I am confused how to add Brad#1235, is this in game real ID, IM, or what?
still waiting for the vid of what happened in stv arena

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