Best Alliance Race for Holy Pally (PvE)

Hi, I need some advice about what the best Alli race for Holy Pally is for PvE.
PVE? Dwarf is the coolest.
For racials alone Human for the Spirit racial.
Human for racial.

Dwarf for the "lol i don't need no stinkin 3% spirit bonus" cool factor. Playing a dwarf is cool because it's a big middle finger to racials. I don't -need- racials.
01/23/2013 03:47 PMPosted by Brynanna
I don't -need- racials.

The devil are you talking about? Stoneform FTW!
3% Spirit really isn't as much as you think. Right now I have roughly 12000 innate Spirit on my gear, and when I race changed from Draenei to Human the other day (don't judge me) I went up to roughly 12360. So basically, if you're in heroic raid gear, it's the equivalent of a gem's worth of Spirit (a bit more if you factor in trinket procs). In the future, it's unlikely we'll be stacking Spirit to the hilt the way we are now, so I highly doubt it will add up to much more.

The main draw of beings a Human, for me, are EMFH (being able to trinket out of fears/stuns can be a godsend) and the reputation racial (I hate rep farming, especially those stupid dailies).

Draenei's only useful PvE racial for Holy is Gift of the Naaru, which is actually a decent HoT. It won't save anybody's life, but 20% of their max HP over 15 seconds (and it can critically hit) isn't a bad addition to the toolkit.

Dwarves don't get anything healer-specific, just Stoneform which at 10% damage reduction for 8 seconds, is subpar. Not bad, definitely use it if you have it, but not anything to go out of your way to get... for healing.
01/23/2013 05:37 PMPosted by Tailias
(don't judge me)

I'm judging you.

I'm judging you so much.
(don't judge me)

I'm judging you.

I'm judging you so much.

I should know better than to say that in a forum full of angry Ret Paladins. :3

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