LFM Horde Change of Command

Anyone interested in completing this quest or need help on it? Im on a small realm and its hard to get things moving. Anyone interested just post here.
I need this quest too. Was just about to make a post of my own and saw yours.
I need it too having a hard time finding a group for it
I need this too.

Whats your guys' battle tags.

Im logging off for the night. My battle tag is jpPieta#1173. I am going to try and get this done tomorrow, I will be on @ about 4-5pm EST til 11-12pm.
I'm down for this. Lung #1565

I'm capable of Tanking or DPSing, just depends on who else needs it, I'm available pretty much all the time. Definitely want to get this done.
Im available most nights. My prot set isnt complete but I can dps. Exodus#1762 is my battle tag. Id love to finish this soon as possible.
I would be up for helping too. I could probably talk a few guildies into helping out, too. I'll add everyone and feel free to add me, too. Theviceroy#1349
Just send out requests for adds. Hopefully we can get something going tonight. Also have a few guildies willing to help.
if you get something going send me an invite Thaal#1379
Group was a success! Thanks all for coming! If anyone else is looking to get this quest done I suggest opening a thread here, works quite well.

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