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Mobile Bug Report
I've been experiencing issues with the guild chat and roster in the WoW mobile armory, I changed guild yesterday and it won't update on the armory so everytime I try to sign in the guild chat it says connection timeout, I can access the auction house so I believe it has nothing to do with my wi-fi/3g connection.

Thank you
You can find an answer for this particular matter in our commonly reported issues section of the forum:

While the time it takes for WoW to send updates to Web and Mobile is not ideal, the mobile team has very little in the way of changing how this operates. However, it is a known issue that we have documented and hope to improve over time. This falls somewhere in the realm of the WoW server and our hardware configuration.

Note, that guild name changes and transfers have a particularly difficult caching issue that requires a realm restart. This is bug, because there is no automated process to update it, whereas typical character/guild delays are directly related to how long it takes the cache to update.
Same issue. That link doesn't explain what, if anything, we as players can do about it.

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