Landmounts are no longer usefull

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From level 1-60 A land mount is usable. From 60-85 A flying mount is usable. Again from 85-90 a landmount is usable. However Once at level 90 A landmount is no longer usefull. Players at 90 are dissapointed because the landmounts they worked hard to get will never be ridden because they can fly everywhere ONLY in pvp will the landmount be usefull FOR non pvp players however it will not. My suggestion is to Enable land mounts to fly Do other players agree with this or not?
I have to agree somewhat..although I try to use them when I can in pandaria and I do use them in the outland and azeroth
They're still usable. The only reason they're not used is because the user chooses not to use them.

Also once the next patch goes live, the new area is a no flying zone thus giving ground mounts a purpose again.
This is something blizzard seem intent on repeating, from what i've read it seems they believe the game is more immersive when played with out flying mounts.
Though they haven't said they'll get rid of flying mounts all together, no flying zones is a method they seem to like using and probably will continue to use in the future.

I don't think it's neccesary to give ground mounts the ability to fly.
to my knowledge you can use a land mount anywhere in the game as long as you are on land.

just because you decide to use a flying mount in an area that allows flying mounts does not render a land mount no longer useful
Personally I would love if all my mounts could fly, I mean the new panthers can fly, right.

But going on what you say, even flying mounts become useless because you actually only really need two mounts, One for flying and one for the no fly zones, the rest are just a matter of choice to which one to use.
mount achievement ftw.
01/20/2013 09:52 AMPosted by Srsylvanas
Players at 90 are dissapointed

speak for yourself please...just be honest, and say your dont need to fake like you took a survey on every server to prove that players at level 90 are disappointed in ground mounts...

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