A-Sol Invictus LF Tank & Ranged DPS

Sol Invictus, is currently recruiting the following classes for raiding in MoP. We are a 10 man guild, as well as level 25 with all perks. We're looking for mature players, who are competent in their abilities. They need to think with their own heads, know the mechanics of the game and never be afraid to explore new things.We are a guild of friends so we try to have a good time, so a sense of humor is a must. However, you must be able to be serious when the time comes, and be able to take criticism and help from other members.
Current status: 9/13 ToT
Currently looking for a Tank & Ranged Dps.
If you're on a different server or faction, and you're interested,We will be willing to pay for your transfer.
We are always looking for qualified players to round out our current raiding roster.Feel free to apply even if you don't see your current class or spec listed.
Our raid schedule is 3 days a week:
Monday 8:00 pm to 11:30 pm
Tuesday 8:00 pm to 11:30 pm
Wednesday 8:00 pm to 11:30 pm

For any other questions please feel free to whisper Eldest, Foremnex, Hecifer or Popalicious, or you can send in game mail.
Or Apply @ http://www.solinvictusguild.com/
I have a monk on Thrall :) ..........lol
Fat! :) Come tank :P
I never said she was geared for raiding. Just simply that I had a monk. :P
If I join, would you share some moonshine with me?
I would personally pay for your character transfer Snappie, let's go!
Free Moonshine with every invite
Holymez!! :)
i can make those times, and i am 507 ilvl fully gem/enchanted
LF Ranged DPS!
@ Vacho: Do you have a ranged DPS?
LF Ranged
Bump for Range
Bump for SI!

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