<Slightly Off> 10/16N LF 2 ranged DPS

Last one to get picked for kickball? Trouble with the opposite sex? Kinda weird? Has someone ever said "There's something 'not right' about you"?

We are <Slightly Off> a recent arrival on Thrall-US, Horde side. <Slightly Off> is a collection of individuals who have had success raiding as a group, and even more success in the friendships we have formed. This is not a guild filled with people who are going to tear you down for making a mistake, but rather a group who strives to work together and overcome content. All members theorycraft their classes and roles and prepare for raids in a serious way, but do so in a way that condones a pleasurable experience rather than a second job mentality.

We do not recruit for bench positions nor do we tolerate drama, B.S, or people who put themselves ahead of the guild.

We place an emphasis on loyalty, but as working adults with lives we value our time as well. Because of the importance we put on our personal lives, we count on one another to ensure our raid nights are not a waste of time and we all maintain a nearly 100% attendance rate due to our tightly maintained roster. The expectation is for potential members to be fully invested in excelling at their class and roles and will welcome any quality applicant.

Our raid times:
Wednesday 8:30-11:00 est
Thursday 8:30-11:00 est
Sunday 8:30-11:00 est

We are currently looking for a combination (2) of the following classes:

DPS: Warlock, Hunter, Shadow Priest, Elemental Shaman (Heal OS if possible)

Please feel free to contact Oxtoberfest, Aevva or Berenette in game with any questions. My battle tag is Avva#1200, Oxtoberfest is Ocs#1776 & Berenette is Doose#1609.

If any of this appeals to you AND you are not easily offended, please visit our site to check us out at www.slightlyoffguild.com
This is one of the best groups of people I've known in this game and I've played since Vanilla. They are able to have fun while raiding while also be successful as a group to get it done. Though some guilds say that they do that exact same thing... there is a difference between being a fun group when the going is easy and being a fun group when the going is hard. They do it in either case, whereas the hardcore guilds I used to be in were either none of those things or just fun when on farm content. And they won't make you feel bad (or at least not intentionally) if you miss some raids because of something RL related.

There's a lot more good to say about this guild, but the best way is to try them out and see for yourself.
<3 u icy

i liek beans n rice
they won't make you feel bad (or at least not intentionally) if you miss some raids because of something RL related.

Just don't forget how to get in your car before raids plz!

i liek beans n rice

I like Toys ' R Us and pet sharks! Icy is also awesome.

Cerion my wayward son!
arroz y habichuelas
01/28/2013 04:09 AMPosted by Berenette
arroz y habichuelas

I thought you ate sharks with your rice?
I will do the truffle shuffle live on webcam for your viewing pleasure...if you make it to member status...

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