[A] Suitcase looking for raiders

Suitcase is a relatively new raiding guild raiding 2 - nights a week. We came from hardcore guilds in Vanilla/BC but no longer have the time for 4 night schedules.

We raid: Thursday 7:30pm -10:30pm server time, Monday 7:30pm - 10:30pm server time. we like our raiders to be online at 7:15 so our first pull is done at 7:30pm so we can get a clean 6 hours to raid each week.

We have opened up the position for 2 capable raiders:
Ranged DPS (Spriest, Mage, or Hunter)
Melee / with tank offspec
Healer with damage dealing offspec

We are not looking for the following classes: Monk (we have too many, and they smell bad)

We are looking for someone who wants to participate long term, that'd like to become part of our guild family and contribute to the culture and fun we have each week.

Apply at http:/www.suitcase.enjin.com
OR in game mail Ohayo
OR whisper Ohayo / Nikkol / Pandamomium in game to talk to us about your application.
Still on the lookout for another recruit.

A Dps Warrior with a Prot offspec, or a Boomkin with a Resto offspec would make a great addition to our ranks.

Join for the raiding, and then stay for the humour, social banter and Jimmy bashing. (Poor Jimmy)
Still WTB recruit!
Boomkin / Resto drood would be amazing, but we arent overly choosy.
We could even have some fun times in ToT tonight if someone wants to pst me or any of the above toons ingame!
im a boomkin resto dudu looking for a guild. i would love you join up once i get 5 more levels
lemme know if you guys are interested :)
Kiirra, unfortunately our raid group lost the battle to the attendance boss. We called it quits a couple of weeks after Jelo's post up above.

If only you showed up 3 months ago! :)

Goodluck with your search!

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