5.2 Feral UpROAR; Dear Blizzard

01/23/2013 09:19 PMPosted by Vinyard
Have you posted something like this, or this, in the PTR or Damage Dealing forums? It will get more attention there.

We've been ignored in there for years pretty much. Lots of ferals brought up the wonky hitbox issue for pvp with the runspeed set bonus nerf. It's been ignored... again.
I'm pretty sure they've given up listening to people honestly, i've seen some great feedback by players on how to make some nerfs less harsh and make it more balanced, but never any feedback by any Community Managers or w.e.

Honestly i feel if you want a feedback go to twitter and you can prob get one of the Dev team members to respond. Hey thats the only place you'll see GC speak religiously about wow.

Just make a new thread and Say this game is great and a Manager will respond guaranteed.
Bluelegendx speaks nothing but the truth.

Except for one small part. Ferals are already dead in arena and RBG. how can you kill something that is already dead?

Unfortunately Blizzard Entertainment is not the slightest bit concerned with balancing anything. Idk if anyone else has noticed but the required intelligence level to play this game competitively has dropped TREMENDOUSLY. As long as Blizzard Entertainment continues to get their 15 dollars a month they honestly do not care one bit about any forum in here. Tis a sad time for blizzard entertainment.

Bluelegendx i wish you nothing but the best in your fight for balancing classes for i have lost the will to continue mine.

Welcome back Guild Wars 2
I want Fear to share the same diminishing returns as well.
bumping this

i think 30sec CD on USING ps for an instaclone is fine

but let us follow it up with a casted clone.

make it like demo lock insta pet rez, put a debuff up that doesnt allow us for 30sec to use ps on another instaclone, problem solved.
I hate to say it sine I used to be feral in original wow, but since I have been balance since BC I am glad feral is getting the nerf. Get creative like balance druidsvhave to and lean to adapt.
The nerf to cyclone is now at 20 seconds instead of 30 seconds. I can live with a 20 second cool down but I still think that we should be able to just hard cast it if we choose to any time.

I seriously don't know where Blizzard is getting their statistics sometimes when it comes to these situations. Hardly enough people play feral in pvp situations as is. I spend more time getting cycloned by restoration and the rare balance druids but instead their cyclone's getting buffed. How does that work?

Also they're nerfing our pvp set bonus so we'll no longer have the 15% speed increase. It's not a good situation all around.
i think 30sec CD on USING ps for an instaclone is fine

but let us follow it up with a casted clone.

This this this this this this THIS.

Instant cast clone is the problem. Let us have a cast time clone without a cooldown. Current change will encourage us to always insta cast.
Agreed. Its already a task just getting an RBG leader or a 3's team leader to allow you to play with them. You basically have to go as FC in Guardian spec to gain entry to an RBG grp. At the average time span it usually takes to finish an arena match now with all the burst most classes have, If a healer trinkets our cyclone we may get one maybe two more opportunities to use any CC. What other utility could we provide in the mean time? a slow, maybe some stuns. Compared to other classes why would any 3's team include a feral? After 5.2 im thinking my druid will become my alt raider after being my only pvp char for 2 years. The dmg is fine, the utility is worse than a Ret Pallie's, which blizzard has already admitted to being the worst utility class? I think not...
Being able to CC, and being fast is 2 things I bring to the table in pvp. Sure I can do some amazing burst damage once I pop all my cool downs, but my sustained damage is laughable compared to what hunters, warriors warlocks mages DKs can do with the same gear. If I got up against a feral druid (the very very rare chance that I actually see one in arena) I mainly just ignore his damage.

I need my cyclones to save my teammates. If I don't use my cyclones, my teammates will die and I can't help that all. My first cyclone always gets trinketed out anyways. There's no reason for any viable 3s team to invite me over another dps with either more control or more damage.

So now we don't have CC and we don't have our pvp speed set bonus anymore. The future's not looking too good.
All CC's should be nerfed to the ground, everything!!!

And why not all CC's share the same diminishing returns. If cyclone shares its DR with so many other CC's why not just have every CC in the game share DR with each other?

As for FEAR, I played a Warlock back in Burning Crusade and it was way over powered then... hell - now it is way beyond what it ever was in comparison.

To the OP, Blizzard will do nothing :-{ They rarely read posts on class forums, save to remove them or ban someone. Your gonna have to post on the PTR forum, along with the PVP Arena and Battleground forums. Possible also / even on the Customer Support forum.

Good luck with getting them to listen... cry (they will only listen when an executive shouts / scolds them for lose of revenue.)

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