War and Hunt LF decent healer srs 3v3

LF someone with around 1800-2k exp in arena gear isnt an issue as this is for s13 p.m in game

- Crumpets is perfection
Tahkia best pally in world
I like Saurfang been here since it was released it's just very limiting the community just isn't here for pvp. I get that it's low pop and pve etc... Why don't the raiders pvp it's like the easiest thing to do rather than prepare all week just to head but a boss over and over till you rage at everyone and leave.
Some of us do both!
01/23/2013 03:03 AMPosted by Deathswings
Some of us do both!

not sure if srs
Not at the same level as raiding but I still enjoy it like a lot of raiders.

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