Hyjal guild Listing

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Post your guild name and info only 1 post per guild please. my guild listing follows as an example. Remember to STICKY this topic.

Name: Legion of The Axe (25) (H)
Info: Adult guild we raid, PvP, do it all.looking for dedicated raiders and players of all types for core group and pvp team. We are a strong guild with lots of long time members looking to expand and fill raiding slots . Guild is 5 years old and has many members with great experience. self sustaining guild we do gem chants everything in house.
Raid type: man casual progression.
Contact: thrallsgrunt, soulesswitch, entizingingeyes, or any other member for an invite.
Invaild now, transferring.
Guild: Reckless Ambition
Raid Schedule: Mon, Tues, Thur 7pm-10pm
Raid Type: 10M, Semi Hardcore, Progression Focused.
About Us: We are a group of close friends that have raided together for many years. We laugh, joke, and have fun while being serious about progression.
Contacts: Bloodypaws (GM), Mydol (Raid Lead/Officer)
-no longer GM
Guild Name: Thrash
Guild Level: 25
Raid Times: Wed/Thurs 7-10PM PST
Raid Type: 10 man, Semi-Hardcore
Progression: 16/16N, 2/16H
About Us: Group of people who got sick of hardcore environments and wanted to bring the fun back to raiding while maintaining that edge that pushes progression.
In Game Contact: Mmurrggll (GM), Lesp, Derfer
Guild Name: Minions Inc
Guild Level: 25
Raid Times: Tues 6:00pm-9:30pm (25), Thurs 6:00pm-9:30pm (25), Sunday 6:00pm-9:30pm (10; optional)
Raid Type: 25 man, Dedicated Progression; Optional 10 man cleanup run on Sunday
Progression: 2/14H SoO
About Us: The mission of Minions Inc. is to create and maintain a close knit group of members within a secure and successful environment. Our main focus is to clear end game instances using positive progression as our metric. Our intent is to create and maintain a relaxed, unrestricted guild that is both fun but at the same time, committed.
In Game Contact: Cliporis (GM), Dismarum (Officer), Teegobbz (Officer), Kimmjungun (Officer/Raid Lead), Bolgath (Officer/Raid Lead),
Guild Name: A Murder of Crows
Guild Level: 23
Raid Times: Friday & Saturday evenings 6pm EST - finish (pending enough interest / membership)
Raid Type: 10M (to start)
Progression: Currently LFR only
About Us: We're an adult's only guild (21+) with a casual / social environment. Many of us are former members of full-time progression guilds in WoW as well as other MMORPG titles. We now have full time jobs / family and time commitments so that the more full-time play-style is no longer practical.

We are primarily active in the evenings during weekdays (M-Thurs) and late Friday nights as well as both Saturday / Sunday. We're not so concerned about your character level or your current iLevel on your gear. We are primarily interested in self-entertaining adults that might like a guild environment that is more conducive to conversation then arguments about gear drops.

We have experience in guild leadership from Horde to Alliance within both PVE / PVP and progression environments - leadership is also shared by a married couple in their 40's. All full members have a large voice in whether any future recruits are made full members or not. Repairs of course are covered by the guild for full members.

We are currently in the LFR stage of raiding for our level capped membership. Should our membership grow to the point we are capable of fielding a 10M normal that would be great. All guild runs treat gear as Need Before Greed Always - Main Spec first then Off Spec if applicable. We do not utilize DKP and we do not DE gear that might upgrade someone even if it is for an off-spec. We do utilize Ventrilo for guild events and / or general chit-chat.

If you are a new, or returning player - you are welcome among us. Re-roll from another realm or Alliance? Check us out. We have heard so many times how happy folks are with our low pressure environment; give us a try and if you're not happy or feel its not a good fit for you - there's never any hard feelings.

In Game Contact: Mannanon or Ansoph (GM), Sinfulneedz (Guild Recruiter) or any full member as they have invite powers as well.
ALL guilds horde and alliance are welcome to post.
Guild Name: <Death Is Amusing> (25)
Information: We're a nice, cool laid back casual guild, looking to increase our members during Mists of Pandaria. We started way back in tbc and ended, and now we're back for more fun! We're currently forming our raiding team and player versus player team.
Contacts: Tojo, Narr, Xi, Thunderhoof, and more officers, just give us a /who Death Is Amusing
Ask for us!!:)
Name: We Lûst On Trash (H)
Info: We are a newly formed guild, our guild and main raid team broke away from <The Defiant> and made our own guild due to clashes with the GM there. We are a fun friendly guild with active members who raid, pvp, quest, and just hang out. We are looking for members to get our second raid team off the ground! When 5.2 drops we might expand to a 4th raid day for the first month.
Progression: Current Tier 14 16/16 Normal ; 4/16 Heroic
Raid type: 10 man Semi-Hardcore
Raid Times:
Group 1: Friday, Saturday, Sunday 6pm server to 9pm server
Group 2: Tuesday and Thursday 6pm - 9pm
Contact: huntagolbin, kohai, brewskis, or anyone rank 3 and above.
Name: Sunder
Guild Level: 25
Raid Times: Early Raid Team - Wed, Thurs and Sunday 6-9pm (pst) Late Raid Team - Tues, Thurs and Sunday 9pm - midnight (pst)
Raid Type: 10M Casually Serious Progression
Progression: 16/16N 2/16H 12/12 ToT
About Us: Adult, Mature, punctual tight knit and loyal teams. Many have raided together since vanilla. The majority of the raiders are 30-40yrs old. We are working class heroes so we are forced to have a casual raid schedule, but focus on progression while raiding.
In Game Contacts: Stickyhands, Moredotz, Meatadin, Rasoloui, Nodonn
Name:Nothing Remains
Guild Level: 25
Looking for: Healers (High) / Tank (High) and anything and everything to add our roster on backup status.
Raid Times:Tues / Wed / Thurs 6-9 server.
Raid Type: 10M Casual Progression (looking to get back into a more semi-hardcore progression)
Progression: 6/6 (msv) 2/6 (hof)
About Us: Adult / Mature (no age restriction here, as I have played with 16yr olds more mature than 30yr olds) / MUST be a team player / Tight knit (core being together for 4+yr) / drama free (as the GM, I take pride in this) / just a all around fun group of people here.
Hint: We need more Canadians, liking hockey isn't a must but it helps. Oilers fans, automatic invite :)
In Game Contacts: Gylfie (GM) Tycklesac, Gobbalock, Keelix.
Guild: Sarcasm Buff
Raid Schedule: Wed 6:30-8 PM and Friday 5-8 PM Server
Raid Type: 10M Casual Progression.
About Us: We are an adult 18+ casual raiding guild that likes to have fun but get things done. We are always looking for like minded dedicated raiders to help push our progression and guild further.
What We Need: A ranged DPS and a melee DPS. We are not taking any Mages at this time.
Contacts: Kaonashi (GM), Kazehana (CO-GM) or Kallyboo (Officer). Or go to sarcasmbuff.guildzilla.com to apply.
Seaghyn is a social raiding guild LFM raiders for Heroic progression!

We're current 12/13 Normal and 2/13 Heroic. We're on the smaller end of Normal/Heroic raiding average between 10-14 raiders.

Raid times are Friday @ 7pm PST and Sunday @ 3pm PST.

We have a solid tank and healer core, so we are looking to pick up some fresh DPS to replace folks who have quit the game recently. Applicants must be at least ilvl 685, please include your main character's name/realm along with a link to a recent log on:

If you're interested in raiding with a side of achievement hunting, or looking for a social home as a non-raider, feel free to ping me! We'd love to chat with you :)
******* Updated 11/6/2017 *******
Name: RatedR
Raiding: Casual progression
Raid days & times: Tuesday/Sunday 9pm-12am server time

Activity: We are mostly an evening to late night guild with some night owls among us. Currently most activity is from 4pm-12am, We do most things PvE, spontaneous PvP and random odd parties such as naked Stormwind raids. Most of our members also play other Bnet games together & someone is usually active in discord throughout the day.

About Us: We're an Adult-Social guild of night owls, interested in enjoying our game time with fellow nerds. We understand that most of our members have careers and families outside of game and this is a place to relax and enjoy company of friends.
This guild started on Terokkar as a hideaway for hard core raiders and a casual social environment, we moved to Hyjal with the release of MoP due to low server population on our original home. Since then we've continued to progress through current raid content while maintaining the social and relaxed atmosphere.

Looking for: Any level and spec welcome, Druid/Monk/Shammy heals wanted to round out raid our group

In Game Contacts: Ishirna (GM ishirna#1406), Onixhawk (Officer), Zakayla (Officer)
**********UPDATED 7/14/13***********
Name: Requiesto En Pace
Guild Lvl: 25
Raid Environment: Semi Hardcore 25M
Raid days and Times: Thursday/Friday/Saturday 8pm-11pm server time
Progression: 8/12 ToT normal mode
Recruiting: Strong competitive, competent Raiders, focused on progression.

About us: Adult, mature group. Focused on serious progression and not wasting time on raid nights. We are a growing guild, moving forward to get all future content down in a 25M raid setting.

Contacts: Leoriç (GM (Sanctome#1527) Bubbleöarrow (GMA) Yòlo (Officer (Hiraiyuki#1502) Farrus (officer) Ghiblets (officer) Variara (Officer)
Guild: Antisocial Club
Guild Level: 25
Raid Type: 10 Man
Progress: 13/14H SoO
Schedule: Mon/Tue/Wed/Thu 7-11 PM Server Time
Recruiter Contacts: Xinc#1314

Antisocial Club was created as a casual, tight-knit guild of friends during Burning Crusade. We stayed that way through 4.2, generally raiding in guilds outside of our own. In the beginning of 4.3 we began to build our own raid roster, mostly out of frustration with the other raids we had been a part of. We started in Heroic DS at rank 41 on the server, and finished the tier in the top 10. In MoP we've begun to take raiding a bit more seriously, and are looking to push our rankings higher. We're currently working on building up our roster for Mythic difficulty with excellent, long-term raiders for competitive progression now and in the future.

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