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Guild Name : Fires of Heaven

Guild Type : Casual Hardcore

Raid Times :

Friday and Monday 6-9 pm (server time)

Needs :

DPS and one or two Healers

Currently 7/7M, 3/3H, 3/10M looking to push progression early on in TOS.

Whisper anyone online or add Noodleface#1412

Also stole template from last guild.
Guild name: Sanitarium
Guild type: Semi-casual raiding
Raid times: Fri/Sat 6:30-9:30 server
Needs: healer and dps, preferably with heal or tank OS
Progression: 2/7M 3/3H 9/10H

Whisper Traumadoll, Habadacas, or Doctanks in game or btag Trauma#1880 for more information.
Guild Name: Mercy
Raid Times: Tues/Weds 6-9PM PST
Raid Type: Semi-Hardcore - Heroic
Progression: 9/9 N, 5/9 H
About Us: Horde raiders that have fun playing with each other in WoW. We get pretty serious during raid nights, and just run mythic+s on non-raid nights together.
Guild Name : Nefarious

Guild Type : Semi-Hardcore Heroic

Raid Times : Tuesday/Wednesday 7-10pm (Heroic)

Friday 7-9pm (Normal/Alt Run)

Needs : DPS

Currently : 11/11N 11/11H looking to recruit for BfA, M+, PvP

Guild Promotional Video: https://youtu.be/gG4otxsA_Mc

Please contact our recruitment team with any questions:

Luminescênt - (Battletag) Imajica#1253 - (Discord) Lumi#6578

Mallice - (Battletag) Malevicent#1456 - (Discord) Malevicent#2694
Name: The Eternal Night
Type: Semi-Hardcore
Info: Brand new late night guild raiding 9-12 PM PST aiming for low end mythic raiding and making inappropriate jokes.
Apply at http://eternalnighthyjal.shivtr.com/site_applications or add soulcleave#2276
<Into the Night> has been founded in September 2016 as a late-night weekday group. We progressed through EN to AOTC together, attained Trial of Valor AOTC, conquered Nighthold AOTC, as well as some Mythic kills within EN and Nighthold. With AOTC now achieved in TOS, we are looking to increasing our core to getting ready for the last raid tier.

Progress: 11/11 H

The raiding times:

Alt: Tuesday 11:30pm (Pacific) to 2am (Pacific)
Weekday Group: Wednesday and Thursday 11:30pm (Pacific) to 2am (Pacific)

Tanks: Closed
Healers: Closed
Melee DPS:Closed
Ranged DPS: Mage(Any Spec), Ele Shaman, S Priest, Moonkin

If you are interested in any, or both groups, or just want to join for casual fun of mythic + runs, contact me.

B.net: Nox#1474
Discord: Nox#2686
Guild Name: Verdict {H}
About Us: Run by Veterans that have been together for over 12 years. Verdict is rebuilding .
Socials, Casuals, PVP, Levelers are welcome.
We are a casual leveling community.
All levels welcome!
We prefer quality over quantity. Come join this great environment!
Contact: Incantare , Shmuclsby , Raellei , or Quixle. Just shoot us a PST or mail in game ! :D
<Nerds> is a late-night weekend raiding guild (Horde). The core of the guild has been together raiding since mid EN. We achieved 5/10M NH, but in ToS raided only heroic due to roster issues. However we're looking to the new tier as a time to fill out our roster and get back on track. Hence we have decided to relocate to Hyjal as our new home. We have the long term goal to achieve Cutting Edge in Antorus, but we also like to enjoy raiding while progressing. It is a long journey, but we're up for the challenge. (As a small note, we currently have the the guild <Nerds> on Hyjal which we made for some members who wanted to make some horde alts a few months ago.)

Raiding Times:
Thursday 9pm-12pm (pacific). Optional normal/heroic depending on current progression. Strongly recommended early in tiers.
Friday and Saturday 9pm-12pm (pacific). Main raid, required.

Tanks: Closed
Healers: High Priority
M DPS: Low Priority
R DPS: High Priority

Our specific needs as of 11-30-17 are a healer, a flexible range DPS/healer and dps to fill. We are currently light on range dps.

We encourage and look at all applicants and will always take the player over the class. A competent raider who shows up to raid is someone we would want to be on our team.

Apply Here: http://hyjalnerds.shivtr.com/ (Apply button on the top right)

Battle.net: Seoh#1361, Peebioh#1839, Snow#1941
Discord: Seoh#8947, Cody#3783, Snow#4780
Name: Determined
Info: Our mission is to provide a small group of dedicated and experienced players with a fun, mature, and focused place to do what we love––raid.
Raid Schedule: Tuesdays & Wednesdays 7:00 p.m.-9:30 p.m. PST (invites at 6:50 p.m. PST)
Raid type: Heroic
Contact: Doomabelle (Dotyouris#1691)
Guild Name : Schema

Guild Type : Semi Hardcore

Raid Times :

Tuesday / Thursday progression raids 8:30 - 11:30PM PST
Wednesday Alt raid 8:30 - 11:30PM PST

Needs :


We are a group of friends that recently branched to hopefully create a better raiding atmosphere. We are all previous mythic raiders looking to get right back into it.

Whisper anyone online or add Senzza#11409
Guild Name: Murloc Defense League

Guild Type: Semi-Casual

Info: (Alliance) We are a mature guild focused on having fun and not having much drama between members. We still wish to progress through normal and heroic antorus and are recruiting for our core raid team. If we fail at an encounter, it's all in the learning process. We won't yell at you or admonish you for messing up and will learn the raid together. I love this guild, and would like to have you as well!

Raid Times:
To be determined. Likely between 18:30 - 22:00 server time
Progression raid nights and fun / alt raid nights

Healers (1 to 2)
DPS (6-10 or more possibly)
Tanks (Possibly unneeded but won't hurt to have you)

whisper Etx or leave a mail in-game
Name: Pants Are Optional (H)

Info: We're a bunch of like-minded friends, looking to push progression into mythic difficulty, and have fun while doing so. We're mostly mature, with a penchant for potty humour.

Raid Type: semi-hardcore progression (current prog 11/11H, 1/11M)

Currently Seeking: tanks (prot pally/druid/dk) and ranged dps (mage/lock/hunter/boomy)

Contact: Surpris, Hekili, Abrameliñ, Ugopewpew, or Merlynne. (Any other guild member can give you information, and hook you up with an officer, as well.)
Name: Hysteria Gaming (H)

Info: Over 10 year old guild thats been all over the place, we're a bunch of long time friends who like to just relax and have a good time. Looking to rebuild our WoW side of the guild. We just like to lay back do some dungeons, xmog runs, mount runs, ect ect. We run guild events including all stated above. We have our own site and Vent server (we old school).

Currently we are looking for all like minded semi casual players who just need a place to put there feet up and make some friends.

Feel free to Contact Algerzan, Kristyanna, or Kristalaria in game for any questions.
Guild Name: Kami no Bushido [H]
Raid Times: Tues & Wed 7:00pm-10:00pm
Progression: 11/11H Antorus
Type: Heroic / Achievement focused casual-core laid back mature group.
About Us: We’re a close nit, chill, Heroic raiding guild. We’ve gotten Ahead of the Curve for every raid tier since we started in Warlords. Our avg raid size is 12-16 players and we’re hoping to grow in BfA. If we can get a steady roster of 20+ we will step into Mythic, but our priority will always be clearing Heroic. After heroics cleared we focus on Glory achieves, mount/pet farming, etc.
Looking For: Tanks and RDPS (We ask that you know your class, we can teach raid mechanics if needed.) We're always open to casual/socials as well.
In Game Contact: Musashiden (GM)(Musashi#1594), Kathesara (Officer)

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