Hyjal guild Listing

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Guild Name : Fires of Heaven

Guild Type : Casual Hardcore

Raid Times :

Friday and Monday 6-9 pm (server time)

Needs :

DPS and one or two Healers

Currently 7/7M, 3/3H, 3/10M looking to push progression early on in TOS.

Whisper anyone online or add Noodleface#1412

Also stole template from last guild.
Guild name: Sanitarium
Guild type: Semi-casual raiding
Raid times: Fri/Sat 6:30-9:30 server
Needs: healer and dps, preferably with heal or tank OS
Progression: 2/7M 3/3H 9/10H

Whisper Traumadoll, Habadacas, or Doctanks in game or btag Trauma#1880 for more information.
Guild Name: Mercy
Raid Times: Tues/Weds 6-9PM PST
Raid Type: Semi-Hardcore - Heroic
Progression: 9/9 N, 5/9 H
About Us: Horde raiders that have fun playing with each other in WoW. We get pretty serious during raid nights, and just run mythic+s on non-raid nights together.
Guild Name : Nefarious

Guild Type : Semi-Hardcore Heroic

Raid Times : Tuesday/Wednesday 7-10pm (Heroic)

Friday 7-9pm (Normal/Alt Run)

Needs : All

Currently : 9/9N 8/9H looking to recruit for new patch and raid, M+, PvP

Guild Promotional Video: https://youtu.be/gG4otxsA_Mc

Please contact our recruitment team with any questions:

Shuzo - (Battletag) Snapplez#1989 - (Discord) Snapplez#7561

Quarterback - (Battletag) Coach#12436 - (Discord) Curb#8419

Mallice - (Battletag) Malevicent#1456 - (Discord) Malevicent#2694
Name: The Eternal Night
Type: Semi-Hardcore
Info: Brand new late night guild raiding 9-12 PM PST aiming for low end mythic raiding and making inappropriate jokes.
Apply at http://eternalnighthyjal.shivtr.com/site_applications or add soulcleave#2276

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