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Guild: Prophets of Fury
Guild Level: 25
Raid Type: 10 Man
Progress: 4/6 H MSV , 6/6 HoF, 4/4 ToES
Raid Times: Tue/Wed/Thu 10pm-1am Server Time

Small guild that recently server transferred to Hyjal from Nesingwary looking to add more members to our raid team. Just about all of us are between 20-30 so it's a fun group that likes to push for progression.

Contact: Serenoa, Pänts, or Vei in game about questions or recruitment.
Obsessive - Level 6 (Soloing/RAF-leveled) - Horde

While I don't expect to have people flooding my chat for invites, it's worth a shot.

Reprisal was created during patch 3.2 when I transferred here from Chromaggus-H. Ourselves and Deaths Disciples merged to form Unity which progressed ICC 10, and I was away for the majority of Cata. Since the revival in MoP, I've changed the name from Reprisal to Obsessive.

The objective for Obsessive currently is to offer a casual and friendly atmosphere for both new and veteran players. Everyone is equal and everyone deserves an opportunity to learn more about the game and have fun. At time of posting the member base is myself and two local friends.

As the guild grows I'd love to get a solid group together to progress current content.

Contact myself (Fate#1246) or /who Obsessive for an invite or if you have any questions.
Guild: The Wolves of War (25)
Raid Type: 25 Man
Raid Times: Thursday and Sunday 8-11 server (PST)
Progression: 1/12 in 25 man

The core members of Wolves of War have been raiding together since Molten Core. Over the years we have built a strong community that many of our members stick with long after they leave WoW. If you can quote the majority of lines from Stripes, The Holy Grail, Office Space, or Spaceballs then you belong raiding with us.

Website - www.wolvesofwar.com
Contact - Send a ping to Kanabai, Bestin, or Twinkielock in game for more info.
Give me a ping, Vasili. One ping only, please
Guild: Evangelion [Horde] Level 25
Raid Schedule: None at the moment, but would like to form casually.
About Us: We are casual Christian faith-based guild. We are looking for people of all ages, Christian and non-Christian, who are seeking out a family-friendly environment to enjoy everything that World of Warcraft has to offer, from LFR, dungeon crawling, PVP, raiding and questing. There are no level restrictions, there are no class restrictions! We want you all! We currently have seven guild bank tabs, Facebook group, Guild Portal website, and a 40 person Ventrilo server.
Contacts: Wildstyle (GM), Multicam, Ferdinand, Dreamshoot, Dreamofpower, Goblooey, Beerlime, Meeagan (Officers & Senior Members who can help you join.) You may also /who Evangelion and any member should be able to send you an invite if you desire.
Guild: Panty Raiders (horde)
Guild Level: 25
Raid Type: 10 Man
Progress: 6/16
Raid Times: fri/sat 6pm Server Time

About Us: Have vent, Adult friendly, casual guild. Just starting out, finally got most of a raid group together, could use more dps and maybe a heals to progress more as a guild group and not having to pug but will take any class/spec. We are very helpful in gearing and do a lot of old raid content for achieves and xmogs, LFR guild groups and heroic runs daily. Not expecting a lot of psts to join since we are just starting out in raids, but if you havent raided new content yet or just want to be part of a close team that will actually give you a chance, I know we would love to add you to our little guild family and progress fast through to newer content. PST myself, Stárla, Kylito, Scráppy or /who panty raiders for more info or invites
Guild: < Altitude > (25)
Faction: Horde
Website: http://altitude.guildportal.com
Officers: Tag, Numby, Pokeadott

Raid Type: 10 Man
Progress: 2/13 HM ToT. prepatch: 3/6H MSV, 6/6n HoF, 4/4n ToES
Schedule: Tue/Thu/Sun 6-9pm pst
Loot Type: Loot Council
Our WoL: http://www.worldoflogs.com/guilds/165998/
Recruiter Contacts: Tag#1812

About Us:
A loosely Colorado-based guild, Altitude was formed during Wrath and sports a decent amount of locals. We are a casual group of players with a team of dedicated raiders and entertain a wide assortment of interests. We have a strong group at meetup.com/coloradowow, and enjoy the fun aspect of local meetups! We focus on a friendly environment, and have a lot of members who are very active in scenarios, dailies, LFRs, and past content achieves.

If you are from Colorado, and this sounds like something you want to get involved in, then please feel free to check out the Website and Forums! Or hit up a guild member in game.

If you are a raider and are interested in pursuing progression with us, please locate Tag or Pokeadott in game!
Guild: Death by Design
Core Raid Times: Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday 6pm to 9pm
Core Raid Type: Mythic Progression
Current Progression: 9/10Heroic BRF
Recruiting Contact: Zenthu or Raphi

Activity: We're an adult-oriented guild and our members are active throughout the day with dailies, professions, xmog runs, etc. The guild provides our Apocalyptics (Raiders) with feasts, flasks, potions, enchants, gems and a 550g daily repair allowance.

The Best Guild Video You'll See: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jQ_CosixB6U

Other Things We Do:

-Previous content for achievements, titles, xmogs, mounts, and pets.
-Challenge Modes
-Guild Activities - fun stuff that we put together to further enjoy the game

If you want to read more about our guild, feel free to visit our website at http://dbdguildh.guildlaunch.com. If we're the type of guild you're looking for, please fill out our easy application (link on the right-side column)on the site.

You can also talk to any officer in-game if you have any questions (but talk to Xenthu first):

GM: Raphi (Raffi#1251)
Officers: Inafiate, Zenthu, Kole and Frankyice
Guild: Paying It Forward
Guild Type: Casual sometimes not family friendly group.
Recruiting: Any and all levels, alts are welcome.
Raid Size: Flex
No Longer doing Organized Raiding

The core of Paying It Forward moved to Hyjal in May of 2012 from the Horde barren wastelands of Kel'Thuzad. Most of the core has been playing together since ICC. We have continually worked on improving our raiding while exploring the other aspects of the game.

Contact - (co-gm) mechvfpally mechandcheez (heck -anything in the guild that starts with mech is probably me)
Guild: Esoteric
Guild Level: 25
Raid type: 10 man, semi hardcore
Schedule: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 8-11PM server time
Contacts: Ivlichael, Masturbando, Maou, Lyanis.

We are a guild that recently transferred from a very dead server, we have a core of about 8 people who are highly skilled that just have constricting schedules, so if you're interested in some hardcore raiding mentality without the hardcore raiding hours than Esoteric is for you.

shadowguildazuremyst.guildportal.com (Old website until we get our new one up and running, sorry for any inconvenience)
Guild Name: Superbia
Raid Times: Tues/Thurs/Mon 6-10
Raid Type: 10 man Run between casual and semi hardcore depending on the raid night.
Progression: 16/16 2/16 8/12
Contact: Razzail Jirayia Nyteswarlock

About Us: Break off from another guild. Still new to the world of running our own guild. We are a very close tight knit group. We are wanting to push our content further and grow our guilds family. :)
{Horde Logistics} Seeking Friendly, Active & Mature Members. All Lvls & Classes. Some Raiding, Run Daily Heroics. 7 Tab GB & Vent. Free Guild Repairs. All Are Welcome. Please Come Fill Our Ranks With Active Members Lvl 25 Guild Pst Anyone In Guild For Invites
Name: Never Never Land

Info: name themed to go with my twink, but its not really a pvp one. Basically its for casuals, who don't want to raid at all. I have moved my 90 disc/shadow priest here and run random bgs/heroics, LFR and do dailys and want a few other casuals who might want to play mid week evenings since they don't want to raid either. Alts or leveling toons welcome too, that's just all that my end game plans are and LFM like minded players. Repairs open to all.

Raid type: LFR only

Contact: Twinklebelle, alts Bubblewrap, Wrecktangle, or anyone can invite (assuming they know how it seems 50-50 when you try to ask someone lol)
Guild: Invictus bellator
Guild Level: 25
Raid Type: casual progression 10 man
Progress: T14- 6/6 MsV, 5/6 HoF, 4/4 ToES. T15- 4/12
Schedule: Tues, Wed, Sunday 6-9:30 pm st

About Us:
We transferred to Hyjal at MoP release from Spinebreaker. Our core group has been together for awhile, as most of us have been raiding together since Firelands. We try to have fun while raiding, which sometimes comes at the expense of progression, but fun nonetheless.

In Game Contacts: Philatonas, Logimo, Clawless, Laughlab
Guild: Special Cupcakes
Guild Level: 25
Raid Type: Progression 10 Man
Progress 6/6 MSV 6/6 HoF 4/4 ToES 4/12 ToT
Schedule: Monday, Thursday 7:00-10:00 P.M.
Website: http://specialcupcakes.enjin.com/

About Us:
Recently transferred to Hyjal after 5.2 from Ner'zhul. Most of us have been together and raiding in some form since late vanilla/early BC. We've managed to clear most raid content (there were the occasional breaks) without having to give up large quantities of time. We're all very excited to be part of the community on Hyjal, and look forward to playing with all of you.

One well geared melee DPS with a tanking offspec. Class doesn't matter.
One DPS pref rogue, hunter or a hybrid with a healing offspec.

In Game Contacts: Staylor, Mezzo, Hedgehog and Peign
Guild Name: Apex Saga
Guild Level: 25
Raid Type: 10 man
Progress: 6/12 ToT
Schedule: Wed/Friday 6pm-10pm
Voice: Mumble

Apex Saga is a semi-hardcore guild who enjoys goofing off as much as getting serious. Apex Saga is progression oriented and has an adult sense of humor. We also invite casuals and non-raiders who don't piss us off and quest/dungeon a lot.
Guild Name: Acheron
Raid Times: Wednesday, Thursday, Monday 5:00 PST - 8:00 PST
Raid Type: 10 man, Semi-Hardcore
Progression: 16/16 3/16 H Tier 14
Currently: 4/16 in Throne of Thunder.

About Us: Currently forming a new main group and very close to being solidified. We've had issues obtaining a consistent tenth person but have had success with that being said. We plan to progress straight through normal and into heroics, even with having a late start to the tier. We're all looking to make the absolute most of our three hours a night, so everyone is expected to be ready to pull trash by of before 5:00 PST. We have a fairly equal looting system, and distribute according to many different variables, such as current piece, attendance, and the like.

In Game Contact: Apollo#1458, Lissona#1463
Guild Name: Underguild
Guild Level: 25
Raid Times: Mon/Wed 7-10 PM PST (Group 1) Tu/Th 7:30 - 10:30 PM PST (Group 2)
Raid Type: 10 man, Semi-Hardcore
Progression: 4/14 Heroic SoO

About Us: Underguild is a mature, semi-hardcore raiding guild located on Hyjal server. Our membership is varied - students, professionals, husbands and wives, and friends. Together, we have many years of MMO experience with some of it dating back to Everquest and beyond. As a guild, our focus is progressing through content with the understanding that real life happens.

In preparation for patch 6.0 and Warlords of Draenor, we're looking to expand our roster to move into Mythic raiding. Our current group is 4/14H with a solid core of raiders and continuing to progress. These groups will be combined after 6.0 drops, so we're looking for people who will add to that core, not just those looking for loot or a temporary spot.

In Game Contact: Gregamus, Casira or Zyi
Died of Dysentery
Level 25
10 Man
12/12NM ToT
Standard Schedule Tues/Thurs 6:30PM-10:00PM PST
Added progression day Sunday 6:30PM-10:00PM PST

Contact: Sinfiny#1278
In game: Sinfiny, Spartan, Brobbles, Maledantrye

510 ilev minimum
12/12 knowledge advisable
Knowledge of heroic modes is obviously a plus.

Always recruiting:
Competent tanks (paladin, dk)
Competent healers (paladin, priest)
Competent damage dealers(mage, rogue, ele shaman, balance druid)

All other dps/healing/tank classes are encouraged to contact us. All competent players will be considered equally. Our current team is flexible so any player will be considered.
Guild: Casually Serious
Guild Level: 25
Raid Type: 10 Man
Progress: 6/6H MV, 4/6H HoF, 13/13H ToT

** Completed Glory of the Icecrown Raider and downed Halion pre-Cata.
** Finished tier 11 as the #2 horde guild on the Suramar server and completed 5/12 Heroics.
** Completed 6/7HM for tier 12 along with Glory of the Firelands Raider.
** Completed 8/8HM for tier 13 along with Glory of the Dragon Soul Raider.
We were the #1 10 man Horde guild on Suramar before we transferred to Hyjal.
We're currently one of the top 10 man US guilds with 1 day a week raiding progression.

We raid only one night a week on Thursday nights from 4pm-10pm PST. Currently 13/13HM Tier 15

We are an adult raiding guild on Horde side of the Hyjal PVE realm in the US. Our has guild raided together for going on 3 years. We started on the Suramar server under the name The Dark Exile. Hyjal is one of the top US Horde PVE Servers so we moved right before the release of MoP.

Our aim is to build up a sustained drama-free guild, a home for friendly and mature people who are busy with work and real life commitments but want to enjoy the end-game contents in dedicated, collaborative and progressive manner.
We are a semi-hardcore raiding guild that raids heroic content on a casual raiding schedule.


Masquerade of Death (level 19)
25 ToT raids on Friday 9pm-11pm and Saturday 7pm-11pm
Currently recruiting: DPS of all classes and specs, holy paladin

We are a very laid back guild that believes a combination of fun and perseverance leads to raid progression. Starting this week we are officially upgrading to 25 man raiding. Several of us have heroic ToT experience individually, and have decided to merge for a more epic experience. We encourage all to apply to our guild, as you can never have enough friends. Anyone who wishes to raid will need to apply for that position after meeting our requirements. Please see our Hyjal forum post dated 6/2 for more info about our current raid needs.

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