Shadow Priest Nerfs and Easy Fixes

02/14/2013 11:30 PMPosted by Kidmagic
I think they totally gave up on Shadow priests. We are going to be at the bottam of the dps and damage meters again in pve because they cant figure out how to buff us without making us too powerful in pvp. Every time someone posts something about priest changes in the ptr forums they get deleted. I dont think they want to deal with it anymore.

Wait what? "Bottam of the dps and damage meters again in pve"

First off this thread is about PvP
Secondly, dps is a damage metric, namely 'damage per second'
Thirdly, since when has shadow been at the bottom of the metres? Have you looked at the raid parses at all in the last 4 years?
taking away phantasm's target drop is just going too far... Spriest burst is not too high.. my god i walk in my roommates room and see his frost DK go 11-0 in WSG in 2-3 minutes hitting people consistently for over 100k. Spriest have no mobility... how do they expect you to do dmg with a warrior,dk,hunter,rogue(patch) on you. Show me how you cast Mindblast and VT and how it makes little to no impact when a melee class is hitting you for 50k a swipe while being interupted. We don't heal as good as these other classes do.. for example Warrior,Lock,DK,Druid self healing, Monk absorb its out of control..My flash heal without MS crits for 70k, heals for 30-40k, renew ticks for 7k.. this is outside of arena without MS.. and when do you get a chance to blow all your mana and spam flash heal.. when the other team is cc'ed and your behind a pillar...???? VE is crap on too long of a cooldown.. The dots don't tick for nearly enough to pose a threat against other classes.. mainly Hunter,Warrior,Mage,DK....... Dispersion locked out for spriest now whenever shadow is locked.. Mindspike gets you locked out of shadow if your using it. FIX THE PRIEST CLASS ITS NOT HARD.... they seriously cant be playing a priest and playing the other classes.. they cant.

all in all... Devouring plague and shadow word pain should both exert DMG on contact.. VT needs to be harsher to dispel such as 25% passive shadow dot dmg increase for x sec's.. Phantasms target drop was the only way I could compete with certain classes like MAGE... Mindblast is on too long of a cool down.......... why does it cost shadow orbs to use devouring plague and our weak disarm when the only way we can get shadow orbs is via an attack we can only use (SWD) when their below 25%hp or mindblast on a 8 sec cd...

and no one can dispute this.. I dare anyone to log on a well geared spriest... go against well geared competent players of the classes Warrior, Frost DK, Hunter, Lock, Mage, Feral, Rogue come patch and see how that goes for you.. see how difficult it is for you to apply dmg while they rip through you and when you try and heal it fails.. Than see how hard it is to kill them through their DMG,CC and self healing... rediculous.... Its like blizzard cant figure out how to boil the water even though they have fire.


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