Lvl 45 talents: Whiuch for Holy PvP?

I know Im only lvl 47 but which talent for lvl 45 would be best for Arena (2s mainly with a Hunter buddy)

I kinda wanna practice the spec along with talents and glyphs Im going to be at 90 along the way.

EF or SS.
Since it's 2s, I'd say SS
Selfless Healer I actually find to be a lot more better since next patch Sacred Shield will be dispel able and Eternal Flame might be good next patch, but currently its not useful unless your a Holy Paladin. I went with Selfless Healer and I will tell you surviving with that free instant Flash of Light, came in handy a lot of the time I needed a heal.

However, if you are doing 2v2s I would go with Eternal Flame next patch since its getting a buff if its used on yourself. The buff I believe is 100% more healing if its used on yourself. Have fun :]
Well I am holy :S
01/22/2013 09:14 PMPosted by Mcßane
Well I am holy :S

It says you are Retribution.
its called dual specs and the titler says Holy :)
Right now ss is best for 2s. Come the patch sh might be good. Not sure yet. But for now for arena ss is better and rbg/bg ef is better.

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